Healthy Snacks for the Little One + Recipe Sharing

My girls are picky eaters, they don’t like to eat solid food and hence I always buy snacks for them as I thought it’s better than nothing. I always buy organic or natural snacks for them, but in fact I tasted them and found out that they don’t taste good.
Back in August, I found a new and healthy snacks for them. Even better, this snack taste really good that I have to fight with them to get to eat some. Let me share with you, the Frutzee Family that was launched by Nutrio Food.
Nutrio Food is a food company by parents who understand the challenges that a family faced especially in maintaining a healthy family lifestyle. Derek, Frutzee’s managing director is a father of 3 adorable children, but turned out they are very picky eaters. With his 10 years background in the food business and immense commitment in providing the best for his family, he and his partners, Eddie, has came up with this new concept of snacks that’s not only healthy, nutritious, but also super tasty.
Frutzee Family is the first healthy fruit snack series that is available in 4 real fruit varieties, including Banana, Grapes, Apple and Strawberries. Frutzee Family is designed to cater the needs of children from 12 months old onward. Frutzee Family  tastes crunchy at first and juicy later, hence do supervise your children with care when consuming the snacks.
Now, you must be curious how did they made Frutzee Family? Using the patented and proven cutting-edge technology, Nutrio Food washed and placed the fruits in a vacuum chamber to be cooled up to -30 degree Celsius. By freezing the fruits at fresh point, the natural freshness and taste are retained. In addition, air is pumped out in the vacuuming process, changing the frozen water crystals into gas and leaving the fruit dehydrated. The nutritional benefits are preserved for over one year through this particular process, while also giving the products its trademark crispiness.

Frutzee Family is great to consume directly, and it can be use to make creative snacks too. I have made the Frutzee Family’s parfait for my kids, they love it so much. It’s easy to made, just prepare 1 pack of Frutzee Family snacks in each flavour, and 2 big scoops of yogurt. First, I place the yogurt as a base in the tall glass, and then I layer up with Frutzee Family snack. It is so colorful and delicious, yet very nutritious to them.
Frutzee Family has a very cute and colorful packaging. There's atory on the back of the box too, so creative isn't it? Each box of Frutzee Family contains 4 small packs of snack, which is really convenient to  bring out to anywhere.

The Frutzee Family is available online at and

They are also available at Babyland SS2, Chubby Chubby at The Waterfront @Parkcity, Rising Sun Health Food at Kepong, Kedai Ubat Wei Yip at SS2 and Lobbee at Publika.

Follow Frutzee Family facebook page at for more latest updates. Do check out their website at too.


Emily said...

Thanks for talking about Frutzee Family. I've not heard about them. Well, don't have kids myself but will recommend my friends who are parents already.

Aliza Sara said...

I heard of this before! Looks really good. I wish they had this for adults too.

Shiv B said...

I haven't really heard about the brand before but from what I see, it looks pretty good. Will try and recommend this to my sister- she loves healthy recipes for the kids :)

Isaac Tan said...

always good to source for healthy snacks for the kids. we want only the best for them right?

Miera Nadhirah said...

This is pretty good.. never mind the kids, I would love to snack on these as well... hahahah

Ivy Kam said...

I think my niece will like these snacks, thanks for sharing :)

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