H2O+ Beauty Relaunch & Partnership with 11street Malaysia

As a beauty brand that builds over 26 year, H2O+ Beauty has unveiled its next chapter, a bold relaunch that was over a year in the making. This ambitious reimagining H2O+ of creating beauty products that encourages women to define beauty on their own terms. 
As part of this relaunch, H2O+ Beauty implemented a sweeping strategic shift in its business model to prioritize innovation over manufacturing, broadened its opportunities for creativity and innovation with fresh product lines, created new channels of digital communication to improve access for its audiences, and added further brand upgrades to better fit the needs of today’s discerning consumers.
L: Joy Chen, CEO of H2O+ Beauty
R: Bruce Lim, Vice President of Merchandising, 11street

H2O+ was founded more than two decades ago as a groundbreaking concept to deliver innovative, modern and effective skin care options in an environment that encouraged women to make their own choices. That courageous spirit and customers-first approach have always been a core tenet of the brand,” said Joy Chen, CEO of H2O+ Beauty. “Now we want to amplify that spirit with a reimagined H2O+ Beauty, one that even better serves our customers by being more innovative, creative and results-focused. We can’t wait for the public to see what’s in store.”
Luxor Beauty World Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of H2O+ Beauty products in Malaysia, has appointed 11street as its official online partner. Through this partnership, H2O+ Beauty has given itself a millennial makeover, targeting consumers who prefer online shopping.

“Online shopping has evolved tremendously over the years and is now a trending global phenomenon due to advancement in technologies, better enhancement of security and predominantly a big shift in end consumers’ shopping behavior. Hence, to stay ahead and meet current shopping expectations, we are confident that this partnership with 11street will provide a more convenient platform for our consumers to shop for their favorite H2O+ Beauty products online,” said Wong Meng Choy, CEO of Luxor Beauty World Sdn Bhd.

Bruce Lim, Vice President of Merchandising, 11street said: “Based on an online survey we conducted recently, a majority of Malaysian shoppers prefer shopping online for one simple reason – convenience. At 11street, we see this surging trend as the catalyst to the rise of e-commerce in Malaysia, with many brands hopping aboard the bandwagon. Our partnership with H2O+ Beauty today adds another feather to our cap, for we are honored to support their shift into an omni-channel retailing.”

“Years ago, brick-and-mortar was the key part of our retail strategy, but given current trends and how consumers prefer to shop, we decide to build our brand presence online by centering our focus towards our website, and partner a reputable e-mall such as 11street to cement our commitment in offering a seamless shopping experience for our consumers,” Wong elaborated. “This is evident through a new line of products and a reimagined brand, which includes a revamped website that is optimized for both desktop or mobile shopping.”
The new H2O+ Beauty is excited to reveal the following updates:

Fresh product lines

As part of the reimagining of the brand, H2O+ Beauty is launching a fresh line of products with modern, technologically advanced ingredients that effectively target skin needs. These new collections are inspired by the brand’s innovative beginnings and combine pure water with the latest advances in skin technology, resulting in performance-based formulas made without parabens, mineral oils, or phthalates.
H2O+ offers products across the following collections with clinical claims on 7 hero skincare products:

Oasis: The legacy collection of H2O+ features hydrating products that transform a parched complexion into perfectly supple and smooth skin that is brimming with vitality;
Infinity+ (formerly Sea Results): Age-defying products that leverage the energizing powers of water to stop the “ripple effect” of aging by treating the most telltale signs, both instantly and over time;
Waterbright (formerly Waterwhite): Hydra-powered products with effective brighteners, such as Vitamin C, that diminish dark spots, even out skin tone and promotes overall radiance;
Elements: Brings cleansing and purity to all skin types, preparing your complexion for specialized treatment and spectacular results. Water is the foundation for the brand – and these new formulas are the building blocks of any skin care routine;
Body Care: Their Sea Salt, Eucalyptus and Aloe, Milk and Specialty Care collections maximize the ultimate hydrating power of H2O to cleanse, moisturize and soften skin from head to toe.
The H2O+ Beauty packaging has also been revamped, reflecting a more modern look and feel that hearkens to the brand’s water-based heritage, the backbone of all H2O+ Beauty products. The packaging now serves as a platform for graphic artist, Ayaka Ito, to showcase her unique work and reflect the rejuvenating power of water. Drawing inspiration from a study of water in different stages – rippling, crashing, sparkling in sunlight – she created all new graphic designs for the brand, hand drawing pencil illustrations layered with color to mimic movement and light.
H2O+ Beauty intends to empower women to take charge of their skin through the sharing of skin care tips and how-to videos on its Facebook page by experts and a stream of beauty influencers, for a “NOW & WOW” experience.

For more information on H2O+ Beauty, please visit http://www.h2oplus.com.my or H2O+ Beauty Malaysia Facebook https://www.facebook.com/H2OPLUSBEAUTYMALAYSIA/


Emily said...

Not sure if I have heard of this brand before because it sounds quite unfamiliar to me. However, have just checked their Facebook and liking what I see!

Absolute Yana said...

Love the packaging....super love water-based product..*wishlist*

Shiv B said...

Awh wish I could have seen you girls there but was busy on the day but love the revamped packaging - the range certainly a very modern take to it :)

Sherry Go Sharing said...

this brand can purchase online. easy for shoppers with internet at home or office.

5 Little Angels said...

Great that I can purchase my H2O products now through 11 Street. More convenient to me.

Miera Nadhirah said...

Love the new packaging.. and will go check it out over 11th street....

Isaac Tan said...

i really like white and blue cyan themed products such as these.. really makes brings out the fresh look of the product

Lee yann said...

tried their brand before and i really like it!

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