3 Reasons You Should Visit Hairworx Studio

As a beauty blogger, I visit hair salon to get my hair cut, colour and treatment done at least once a month. It’s a monthly routine to get my hair fix by the professional. 
Last month, I had an amazing experience at Hairworx Studio for a hair color and treatment. Today, I gonna tell you the 5 reasons why you should visit Hairworx Studio.
No. 1: Originality - Hairworx Studio is using MoltoBene Professional products that are fully imported from Japan.
Hairworx Studio is owned by Trendz Empire Sdn Bhd, which is the sole Distributors of MoltoBene Professional products, a top hair salon brand and products are fully imported from Japan. Apparently Hairworx Studio has 2 outlets in KL, one at Kuchai Lama and another one at Menara RuYi, Taman Seputeh. I had chosen Hairworx Studio Taman Seputeh because it is near to my office.

No. 2: Professionalism – The hair stylists are professional and will provide advice when necessary.

I was attended by the hair stylist, who then offered me a pre-service consultation. He has asked me the color I wanted and what is my concern for my hair.

No. 3: Efficiency – The hair color and treatment is fast and showing immediate result.

After chosen the color, he then started to dye my hair. The color leave on my hair for 30 minutes, and I was glad that the coloring has no unpleasant chemical smell at all. I did not feel tingling feeling during the hair coloring, what a pleasant experience.

Then, he used the Moe Moe Graceful Trip (Hawaii inspired/feel hair products) for my hair treatment. First, he started the spa treatment  by applying Spume Soda P which is a scalp mouse to clean my oily scalp, and then shampoo off with spa treatment shampoo. Follow with the steps below;

Step 1: apply Spa Treatment Care Keeper evenly on hair, leave on for 5 minutes
Step 2: Apply Spa Treatment Daily Serum M then wash off

Next he apply Spa Treatment Vita Drop Hair tonic on scalp with a relaxing scalp massage.
One big and bouncy blow-dries and my hair had a mirror-like shine, it look so healthy like never before. 
He finished off with applying Loretta base care oil on my hair. I love the Loretta base care oil a lot, it is a hair oil that has very nice rose scent as it is made with tasmaca rose. I feel like putting on fragrance on my hair, lovely.
Few weeks later my hair is just as soft and lustrous as on the day.

With the fabulous services I’ve experienced, I would visit Hairworx Studio again knowing that my hair will be in good hands.
Hairworx Studio Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HairworxStudioSdnBhd
Hairworx Studio instagram: @hairworxstudio

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Miera Nadhirah said...

this definitely look interesting and I would love to give hairworx a try.. you look great after your hair do

Aliza Sara said...

your hair looks healthier babe! I might pay them a visit to get my hair fixed

Miriam said...

Your hair looks so much healthier and shiny! Love the new color

Eunice Chow said...

I have damaged hair, guess I need this!

Cherry said...

I'd love to visit if I live there. Great transformation.

Rina said...

Great, thanks for the suggestion. Your hair looked amazing after that treatment . I have terribly dry hair. Will surely give them a try soon.

Unknown said...

the result is gooddd!!! I bleached my hair before! I definitely need thissss!

Cheryn said...

wow. your hair actually looks better!
I envy the fullness of your hair!! I used to have a head of hair like that too!!!

Isaac Tan said...

you have really healthy looking hair. I am going botak soon, so very jelly look at your beautiful hair.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

nice, this suit you alot.

wanna color my hair as I like color :D

elanakhong said...

You look nice with dark hair colour. And of course younger as always with the fringe.

Emily said...

Your hair looks bouncy and thick after treatment. How much was the entire package? I would like to go for the same as well.

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