NIVEA: Kejar Kerja Apprenticeship Program

Every girl is different, yet they are by nature demure and strong-willed in getting what they desire. These are the unique characters of a girl that determines what kind of person they will become in the future. So imagine if this inner strength is paired with promising opportunities, wouldn’t it grow a number of educated and skilled women for our nation? 
(Left) Srivani, Fakhirah, Nur Balila, Nur Atiqah, Dr Rajiv Bhanot, Mr Ng Hock Guan, Sharifah Farah, Sharifah Fairuz and Nor Ain

The NIVEA Kejar Kerja Apprenticeship Program is the collaboration between FORWARD and NIVEA to provide a platform for girls to have the opportunity to discover and polish their skills, enhance their personal attributes and secure a career spot in various creative industries in Malaysia. This project is further cemented with WOMEN:girls as the on-ground partner that targets the specific apprentice group for the projected outcome. 

The best feature of this project is the actual engagement by the apprentices from the beginning of the recruitment day until the day they achieve the ultimate goal apart from obtaining inspiring inputs and empowerment attributes from NIVEA and FORWARD. The NIVEA Kejar Kerja Apprenticeship Program is paving the right pathway for the girls to be able to bring out and demonstrate their full potential.
Mr Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore giving his speech

Through their involvement with NIVEA Kejar Kerja Apprenticeship Program, they are nurtured and motivated to excel to greater heights in order to improve themselves despite having the lack of support and the stereotyping mindset of society. 

Dr Rajiv Bhanot, Chairman For Wisdom & Revolutionary Development (FORWARD) giving his speech
NIVEA Kejar Kerja Apprenticeship Program targets girls as young as 18 years old who are living in Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) around Klang Valley and Selangor. This provides a better pathway for them to venture into their desired creative industries as well as reducing the shortages in talents and critical skills gaps in Malaysia. These girls are mentored by renowned entrepreneurs such as Chef Adu from The Canteen, Boryeong Mud Facial Spa @ Nu Sentral, Baba Can Cook from Limapulo, Project B, Souka Bakes, and NIVEA top beauty adviser of NIVEA.

This program is also facilitated by the illustrious names such as Christopher Ling and Firdaus Nisha each with their own forté to be part of the development of success.

Diamonds are not stumbled upon, they have to be discovered. Hence, NIVEA Kejar Kerja Apprenticeship Program is structured to thoroughly search and surface potential apprentices through on-ground research and surveys prior to the phases of Recruitment, Orientation and Apprenticeship. This collaboration between NIVEA and FORWARD reaches out to 350 girls over five locations for the Recruitment phase over the span of ten days. The Orientation phase involves the shortlisted apprentices being prepped with the fundamentals of the apprenticeship of their choice in a training camp for this program.  

The crème de la crème among these apprentices will proceed to the next phase of the Apprenticeship after acing the interview with their mentors. The seven apprentices that makes it were featured in a media event of Apprentice Announcement Ceremony to announce their breakthrough in enrolling for the apprenticeship on 26th September 2016. 

NIVEA Kejar Kerja Apprenticeship Program covers weekly evaluation by the mentors with documentations of the apprenticeship process through videos of their journey and the testimonials from their mentor. Each apprentice is given a RM250 allowance every week during their apprenticeship. Upon completion of the final week of the NIVEA Kejar Kerja Apprenticeship Program, the successful apprentices will be channeled for possible job offers and are targeted to commence a successful employment opportunity in these organizations.

Congratulations to the girls, xoxo.

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