New! Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 Range That Provides 10x Protection Against Germs

It’s School Holiday and Christmas season now, I believe a lot of parents would bring their kids out to the shopping malls, play ground or vacation. It’s a fun time for us but we also have to take care the hygiene and try to protect ourselves from harmful germs whenever possible.
Furthermore, the emergence of “Super-Germs” is becoming a global concern, as the spread of these bacteria results in unforeseen illnesses, especially to children who do not have access to proper means of hygiene.
In recognition of this, Lifebuoy with its revolutionary Activ Naturol Shield technology is introducing Clini-Shield 10. This newly launched anti-bacterial body wash provides 10x germ protection and more skin care for full body protection.
Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 Germ Protection Bar
Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 approach

As germs are getting stronger, practising good hygiene is crucial with the aid of an effective germ protection soap. Using products with germ protection that is mild on the skin is important, as healthy skin prevents re-entry of germs and decreases episodes of bacteria build up thereby providing complete protection.
Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 Germ Protection Body Wash

The Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 with its patented technology called Activ Naturol Shield, contains a synergistic combination of ingredients for germ protection, cleansing and skin care which provides mild cleansing and greater germ protection. Tested and proven to reduce the levels of various spreading germs, the Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 significantly reduces more germs on skin immediately after washing. Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 also provides moisturization on skin, making it the perfect combination of cleanse and care.

Understanding Germ Protection

Germs are evolving and increasing the risk of spreading faster and more often. It is crucial to take necessary measures to ensure that your family is healthy and germ free. Germ protection through personal hygiene is the first line of defence when it comes to dealing with any types of germs. By having good personal hygiene and habits, we can reduce or even eliminate the entry point of where germs become dangerous and pose as a threat to our health. 
Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 Germ Protection Body Wash is refreshing and foamy

Germs Are Getting Stronger

With all the technology available in this modern age, it is a surprise that germs are getting stronger. Besides developing a resistance to some antibiotics, germs also have the upper hand as people do not fully pay importance to hygiene – by being unaware of the many ways germs can spread:

·         Constant bacteria build up on surfaces when people do not sanitize or clean
·         New and stronger germs can spread quickly through face-to-face contact, unclean hands to food and by touching unsanitary surfaces
·         Demographic, social, and other changes occurring within the global population also affects our resistance to the spread of germs

Prevention is a better cure and in this case, all it takes is the simple act of good hygiene. The new Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 with Activ Naturol Shield gives greater germ protection and is gentler on the skin, providing full body protection versus any other soaps without actives. This ensures that your family is better protected while maintaining moisturized skin. 

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