Human Nature 100% Natural Rescue Balm

I like to bring my girls outdoor during holiday. But you know there are many incidents may happened when playing outdoors, and sometimes we could get  scrapes, scratches, nicks and bumps. To be prepared for all these, I always carry the Human Nature 100% Natural Rescue Balm with me.
Made with Tea tree and lavender oil, the balm soothes the skin condition immediately after apply. It also helps provide relief from itchiness and helps reduce skin inflammation and discomfort.
Easy to use, just gently pat a bit of the product onto skin. A thin layer of this moisturizing all-purpose balm is all we need.
Human Nature 100% Natural Rescue Balm 10g is portable and easy to carry around. It is suitable for adults, kids and even pregnant lady as it is 100% no harmful chemicals, no synthetic fragrances, no petroleum-derived ingredients, no parabens, no mineral oil, or other harmful chemical, and is selling at an affordable price of only RM 16.90.
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