MCC Cosmetics Landed at 1 Utama Shopping Centre + Product Review

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Wishing all my readers and friends a wonderful time with your family and loves one. What is your plan this holiday? I’d be staying in KL because I am scared of the infamous long weekend traffic at the highways. But hey, I am happy still because I could check out the new Korean cosmetic that has landed our land – MCC Cosmetics.
MCC Cosmetics offers quality and professional makeup products with the philosophy that expresses own style creativity as well as beyond the trend. All their products are made in Korea with quality and affordable prices.
The first MCC Cosmetics flagship store is located at Lot F116A, First Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing). The grand opening was celebrated with celebrities and friends on a lovely evening.
Thank you for having us, xoxo!
Thanks MCC Cosmetics #mcccosmeticsmalaysia once again!

As a beauty junkie, for sure I took the chance to check out their product in the neatly organized store. I was impressed with their wide range of cosmetic ranges from head to toe.
Their cosmetics are Eco-Formulated and gentle to the skin.
Love that they customised our goodie bag
MCC Cosmetics

I brought home some products to try at home from the event. Let’s see how they work on me, shall we?
My Makeup of the Day featuring MCC Cosmetics

1.       MCC Aqua Watery Foundation (40ml)
-          Just like its’ name, the foundation is watery but it also provides a full coverage on my uneven skin. As its using water base formula, we need to shake it 2 to 3 times before pumping out the product from the beautiful pump bottle. The foundation last quite well on my skin but it was a bit too heavy for my oily combination skin. My skin started to look shiny after a few hours applying the foundation. I’m using shade 23 – Natural Beige.
2.       MCC auto eyebrow
-          This is an easy-to-use long-lasting eyebrow pencil. After managing entire eyebrows with the build-in-brush, take out the pencil lead about 2mm and drawing like filling along the eyebrows texture. Finish naturally with the brush again. I’m using shade 30 – Gray Brown, I like the color is natural yet pigmented.

3.       MCC Glam Queen Eyes
-          MCC Glam Queen Eyes is single eye color, available in matte or sparkling finish. I like the sparkling eye colors that made my eyes pop instantly, especially suitable for this festive season.

4.       MCC Dual Eyeliner
-          As you can see, MCC Dual Eyeliner has 2 eyeliner colors in one pen: one in matte and another one is sparkle. This pencil eyeliner is quite easy to glide on my eyes, and pigmented for whole day long.

5.       MSS Accent C’Curve Mascara

-          I like MSS Accent C’Curve Mascara as it lengthens my eyelashes instantly. The curly wand made it easy and quick to apply onto my upper and lower eyelash.

6.       MCC Natural Herb Essential Lip Balm

-          MCC Natural Herb Essential Lip Balm is so natural that it is transparent and scent free. It moisturize our lips with herb essential oil and 10 non added system care.

7.       MCC Studio Light On Tint Lip Rouge
-          MCC Studio Light On Tint Lip Rouge is Must Have! The color is pigmented and last for hours. Use the tip brush to gather and apply it onto our lips. I love that 501 Burgundy Red is a beautiful red for every woman.

8.       MCC Cushiony Nail Color & Top Coat
-          I like their pretty nail color packaging and the good brushes a lot. The nail color is pretty and there are many colors to choose from.

MCC Cosmetics range prices from RM31 to RM170. They are having opening promotion for cosmetic set hence let’s head there to check it out and beautify ourselves ok.
For more information, visit;
MCC Cosmetics website -


FiSh said...

the cosmetics look so pretty especially the Glam Queen Eyes! would love to check out their store in pyramid once they open there haha

Sylvia Lye 美娇娘 said...

Very nice sharing sis ^^ The shop is great to shop and the cosmetics very good!!

Emily said...

What an awesome launch. You get to play with the many colours too!

Shiv B said...

Loving the packaging of their products - will definitely check out their stores; been hearing a lot about them as of late :)

Michhysaurous said...

Great sharing dear! I love the nail polishes and the lip gloss!

Sebrinah Yeo said...

Very lovely concept! Nice outlet, will visit there soon

Chander Pal Singh said...

wow its a great store and having lots of options to buy for a beauty

Miera Nadhirah said...

So many gorgeous make up and another new K Beauty shop... oh wow... will definitely check it out when I am at 1U

GengQian said...

thanks for sharing this. i like the water based foundation!!

Sunshine Kelly said...

I like their shimmer eye shadow, its so pigmented and the color pay off is consistent.

仙妮 said...

hey...I like the nail colours posted here from MCC :) nice colours! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

sslow said...

Great store at a convenient location.
Lots of ppl will get attracted to the shop.

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Wow looks great! Gonna pay a visit next time hehehe, to get my favorite lip stick colour haha

Sherry said...

wow love your haul. Shall this store if going to 1U, so long no go there now. Usual rushing there and back only no time for shopping.

Sherry said...

nice range to choose from in makeup. whats the price range like?

Sharon Lee said...

Loving al the products. Packaging was quite glam and you look pretty on it =D

Unknown said...

Looking through the products and its so cool! What catches my attention the most was tge dual eyeliner! Maybe i can try it next time XD

Unknown said...

Any lips related producf caught my attention the most. Plus the range price is considered ok for me. Should try la this one

Leona Lim said...

this is another nice brand to look out for. shall check it out when i do go there

Isaac Tan said...

MCC cosmetics. is that a new brand?

nice coverage of the launch!

cre8tone said...

So many new brands opening.. Guess make up is still a great market to target!

Anonymous said...

I am startint to love this brand actually. Another K-Beauty product to watch out for.

Unknown said...

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