Guardian Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Hair & Body Collection

Guardian, the largest pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in Malaysia has introduced the new Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Hair & Body Collection for eco-conscious consumers who prefer effective beauty solutions with ingredients harvested from nature. 
The collection was launched at Core Gallery, Subang with an exhibition and gallery tour of the exotic ingredients and production process, that showcased the range as a work of art.
The Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Hair & Body range gets its name from the combination of three 100% eco-certified exotic oils that are the next wave in moisturising hair and skin care - Babassu Oil from Latin America, Baobab Oil from Africa and Chufa Oil from France.
The Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Collection is believed to be among the first hair and body care ranges to harness the power of these exotic oils. Given the long hours spent in dry and humid environment, skin care in the tropics needs the added boost of moisturisers, which is why every variant in the Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Collection is further enriched with two additional moisturisers for five times the moisturising benefits. 
All three variants for both Body Wash and hair care range of Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and one amazing Hair Elixir are formulated with botanical ingredients, enriched with Trio Oil.
Made with eco-certified ingredients and dermatologically tested and proven, Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Collection is gentle and effective to suit consumers who want spa or salon results at home, without the harshness of harmful chemicals namely Parabens, Silicone, Soap, Colorant, Lanoline and DEA.
Ms Elyse Lee, Senior Regional Business Manager, Group Health & Beauty Private Label, The Dairy Farm Group said, “The Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Collection offers ingredients harvested from nature in a sophisticated blending of botanicals and eco-certified oils that provide our consumers with gentle, yet effective beauty solutions. It is believed to be among the first collections to incorporate Babassu, Baobab and Chufa oils in one collection.”

 “Our experts studied the needs of skincare in the tropics to find the best blend of moisturisers to suit the very specific needs of users in this region. We found that tropical ingredients such as Babassu Oil from Latin America and Baobab Oil from Africa that have been used in these regions for centuries, perform most effectively. Meanwhile, Chufa Oil which is originated from ancient Egypt and has been labeled as one of the oldest cultivated plants,” Ms Lee said.

“We combined these three exotic oils with two additional moisturisers for 5X Moisturiser benefits. The Botaneco Garden Trio Oil formulation also contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 to promote healthy hair and skin,”Ms Lee added.
The Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Collection is free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, artificial colorants and silicone giving consumers who are health-conscious and environmentally-friendly, peace of mind.

The Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Bath Collection consists of three variants to suit different targeted and intensive needs, namely Whitening, Moisturising and Gentle Cleansing.

Consider the Whitening variant if uneven skin tone or dark patches are a problem, as it is enriched with apricot kernels and licorice extracts, to gently exfoliate skin while evening out skin tone.

Opt for the Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Moisturising variant if long hours in dry environments such as air-conditioned workplaces leave skin dry. It has added olive oil and Vitamin E to boost the moisturising effects of Trio Oil, improve skin elasticity as well as provide satin care for dry skin.

The Gentle Cleansing variant with cherry blossom extract is ideal as it helps in skin softening and prevents skin dryness.

Three variants are also available for the Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Collection that provides salon quality results, minus the harshness of paraben, artificial colorants  and silicone on hair and scalp.  

The collection provides effective solutions to common hair problems such as frizzy, damaged, and weak hair that is prone to falling due to breakage. It is silicone-free for relaxing shampoo and conditioning experience.

To tame coarse and frizzy hair opt for the Smooth & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner variant that adds calendula extract to the moisturising power of Trio Oil to condition hair for a smoother and more manageable texture.

The Repair & Strengthen Shampoo and Conditioner variant is perfect for damaged hair as the magnolia extract adds conditioning to the moisturising and smoothing properties of Trio Oil.

Enriched with sunflower oil, the Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner of the Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Collection is enriched with sunflower oil to strengthen hair and reduce hair fall due to breakage.
In addition to three exotic oils, the Hair Elixir is enriched with Chamomile extract to deliver ten types of hair benefits. Among superior benefits from Hair Elixir are moisturising and nourishing, conditioning, damage repair, detangling and improve hair manageability. This Hair Elixir also protects our hair from UV and delivers antioxidant benefits while maintaining hair shine as well as softening and anti frizz.  
“With the Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Collection, consumers have the benefits of three of the most effective Babassu, Baobab and Chufa for both hair and body care. Consumers will appreciate that it is priced within reach for a high quality, eco-conscious performance line giving more people access to solutions for their daily personal care needs,” Ms Lee said in closing.

The Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Collection is available nationwide at all Guardian outlets and e-store at Prices range from RM 3.80 to RM 19.90 (inclusive of GST)

Spread festive cheer with the Gift Of Love bag with any purchase of Botaneco Garden Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil or Botaneco Garden Trio Oil worth RM 20 and above. While stocks last. 
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