Review: Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Lotion & Firming Serum

We have seen Gold being used as the precious ingredient in skin care and even in food that consumed by pretty Japanese. Gold has been a trend in Japan for many years, for its anti-aging function. And we have finally had it here in Malaysia, with affordable price!
Clinelle has launched its latest innovative prestigious age-defying skin care range: Clinelle CaviarGold this year. Pipelining into the stores April 2015, the Clinelle CaviarGold offers lifting, firming and nourishment like never before. It incorporates cutting-edge technology that assures the blending and delivery of active ingredients to achieve the most optimal outcome.
The Clinelle CaviarGold Series is empowered by its extravagant Triple Gold Lifting and Firming Complex, with key luxury ingredients below that deliver immediate and long-lasting effects;
1. Caviar Extract (derived from Russian Sturgeon) also known as “black Gold”, has long been considered one of the most decadent and expensive foods. Caviar was coveted by kings and the aristocracy. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Russian tsars were all known to splurge on caviar. Caviar has a cell format similar to human skin and is very rich in nutritious elements, including proteins, minerals, vitamins (A, D, E and K), anti-oxidants and lipids, which contain an abundance of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3. The Caviar Extract is uniquely structured to deliver these valuable nutrients directly to the cellular level of your skin, giving your skin a balance diet. The most important properties of Caviar Extract are its powerful anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging protective qualities – all of these help reverse the aging process.
2. 24K NanoGold is the new generation golden collagenine that provides a remarkable effect to stimulate collagen synthesis by up to 300% hence boosting skin elasticity tremendously. In turn, this firms and even outs the skin’s surface, helping to prevent the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.
3. Plant PhytoGold derived from natural Golden Bell Extract, with peerless whitening/brightening effect, is combined to complement this firming and lifting formulation. It is proven with 80 times more effective than Arbutin whitening. Going to the core of discoloration and age spots, it treats both the source of the problem and alleviates its visible signs by inhibiting the formation of melanin and infuse the skin with light and energy to ensure a clearer, more even-toned skin. The result is a stunningly effectual Clinelle CaviarGold that instantly transforms the look and the feel of your skin. Skin is firmed and uplifted. Elasticity is intensified while skin is smoothed, brightened and protected with potent antioxidants.

I had chosen Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Lotion and Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Serum for a try lately.

Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Lotion 180ml | RM59.30
Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Lotion is a highly concentrated yet lightweight lotion. It gets absorbed into skin quickly. Skin feels hydrated and refresh after using this. While smoothen Skin Texture, it also Firm and tone skin.

Directions of Use:
Apply on palms and gently pat onto over entire cleansed skin of face and neck until thoroughly absorbed.

Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Serum 30ml | RM101.70
Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Serum is a fast absorbing and intensive serum. It helps to Increase cell regeneration, Shape V-Contour, Increase elasticity & Firming, Boost collagen production, Lighten age spots & discoloration, Brighten & whiten skin.
Skin is uplifted, firmed and brighter after using Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Serum.
Directions of Use: Apply over cleansed and toned face and neck using light, upward movements. Gently massage in circular motions until the gold capsules are thoroughly absorbed.
Clinelle CaviarGold Collection has been dermatologically tested for its tolerance and efficacy of the product has been proven and contains No Paraben, No artificial colouring, No artificial fragrances, No lanolin, No mineral oil, No SD-alcohol and No comedogenic ingredients. Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types.

Clinelle CaviarGold skincare range is available at AEON Wellness / Supermarket, Caring, Guardian, Watsons & selected independent pharmacies nationwide. They are available online at
You can get free shipping plus RM 20 off with online purchase more than RM 100 by using the voucher code ‘FANYWGDIPSA20’ at


Sherry Go Sharing said...

this is new, haven't seen this before.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yupe, pretty new from Clinelle. I like its rich but non sticky texture a lot :) You shall give it a try too, Sherry ;)

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