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Hi lovelies, have you heard of the new skincare brand in town – Marysharon? Well, I’m sure some of you have seen my social media sharing on Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask a few weeks ago. 
So, today I wanna share with you my review of Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask after using it for 2 weeks now. Before I sharing with you my review, let’s learn more on the brand first ok.
Marysharon is a premium beauty brand that epitomises the beauty success of “East meets West”; being a joint-venture between France (spearheading R&D and product formulation) and China (markets and conducts A&P via its Asian HQ based in Guang Zhou). Researched and developed by an accomplished R&D Chief who has contributed to many international brands, Marysharon products have undergone 120,000 times of clinical tests and obtained a total of 8 patents. 
Marysharon has clinched The “Most Potential Brand Award” in year 2014 and achieved 1,000 million RMB sales figures in the second half of year 2014. Till date, Marysharon is selling 10 bottles per minute worldwide, it does warrant some attention for sure. With uncompromised quality, technology and top-notch results, Marysharon aims to fulfill customer’s dreams of skin and beauty perfection at reasonable pricing. Indeed, the brand is living up to its business credo, “A Queen’s Pampering For Every One”.
In Malaysia, the exclusive brand partner SHILLS Sdn Bhd has been appointed by Marysharon to develop, distribute and market their products. 
Marysharon is best suited for all skin types owing to its gentle formulation with natural ingredients. There are 4 key products launched by Marysharon
1.       Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask 110g | RM 129 (selling 10 bottles per / min worldwide)

Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask is packed in a luxury packaging. It uses Marysharon’s exclusive seaweed moisturising formula, where Golden seaweed essence combats dry skin effectively.
Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask is Scent free and creamy texture. With the power of nature’s legendary moisturiser, it provides extra aqua for extremely dehydrated skin.
Its unique water-locking net on the skin surface, enables the skin to regain its vitality. Regulates oily skin, removes dead skin, improves dull skin and restores skin’s suppleness. My skin is supple and soft skin after each use. It is Ideal to use as emergency solution or over the night for complete nourishing for your skin.
There are 3 ways to use the Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask;

Usage Direction 1 – After cleansing, apply an adequate amount onto the face and wash off after 15 minutes.
Usage Direction 2 – Leave a thin layer of mask on till the next morning.
Usage Direction 3 – Apply a thin layer of mask and wash off after 5 minutes in the morning after cleansing for make up to stay longer.

It is advisable to use at least once to twice a week.
Ingredients – Water, butylene glycol, Magnolia extract, isononyl isononanoate, polyglutamate, Witch Hazel water, lecithin, palmitoyl dipeptide -7, LAMINARIA OCHROLEUCA extract, trehalose, proplyleneDiol, arginine ferulate, CODIUM TOMENTOSUM extract, ammonium acryloye dimethyl taurate / VP copolymer, ascorbic acid, nicotinamide, hydroxyacetophenone, sodium hyaluronate, EDTA disodium, allantoin, ethlhexyl glycerol, pafrum

2.       Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence 20ml | RM 149

 5,000 females* claimed that after using Marysharon Queen Radaince Eye Essence, the skin around the eyes were revitalised, hydrated and smoothened.  Under eye puffiness, lines and wrinkle, appearance of under eye darkness diminished after 2 weeks’ of continuous use. 98% of the females were satisfied with the effect of Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence.

*Based on MARYSHARON’s regular users of 5,000 Chinese women in their 30s to 50s.

3.       Marysharon Queen Charcoal Cleansing Mask 25ml | RM 139 per box of 10 pcs (Star Product of 2015)

This is a revolutionary deep cleansing charcoal mask. It restores skin to amazingly clear and flawless. It also removes blackheads, whiteheads and accumulated dead skin cells effectively.

4.       Marysharon Collagen Hydrating Mask 25ml | RM 99 per box of 10 pcs (100% silk mask with certification).

Marysharon Collagen Hydrating Mask contains powerful hydrating ingredients which deeply hydrate skin, lock in moisture, protect from moisture loss and improve dehydrated skin condition.  At the same time, it preserves its optimum moisture balance.
I find that Marysharon products are affordable and effective. They are available at Watson, Sasa & Shills Beauty Houses in Malaysia.

In recognition of this pioneering market in Malaysia, Marysharon has enlisted Hong Kong renowned superstar Julian Cheung Chi-lam, who is also their ambassador as special guest to represent the brand at its official launching in Malaysia on early August 2 at 1.00pm at Berjaya Times Square.
Customers just need to purchase any Marysharon’s products more than RM200 to entitle a free entrance ticket to CHI LAM meet fans session. Hurry go grab your tickets now as it is in limited quantity and first come first serve basis.
For more information on Marysharon, visit Marysharon Malaysia Facebook page or call their hotline at 03-8062 2743/6


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Great post Rane. Hope to get meet Chi Lam soon. :)

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Great product.. I'm loving MarySharon.. :)

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The mask looks really good! Nice reading your review on it dear.


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I really like this product.. Thanks for sharing

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The masks seems to be really good le~~ nice sharing!

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great product for skincare, now chance to meet ChiLam who doesn't want??


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you always look radiant rane, lovely writeup

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I love how my skin feel so soft and dewy after the mask~

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Lovely pic. Great review.

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not bad huh this mask!

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thank you guys. Yupe the mask was not bad, quite good for our weather here too

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