Food Review: Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ

Located at Taman Cahaya, Ampang, there is this hidden restaurant that serves mouth-watering Thai Seafood BBQ delicacies almost every night. As many local KL people would have known already, yupe I was referring to Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ.
Exist for more than 20 years now, Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ is one of the best Seafood BBQ restaurant in KL town. Prepared with the old fashioned goodness, the BBQ spread is absolutely amazing; It has definitely fulfilled our seafood cravings.
Yao Zha Guai (deep fried crullers) with Homemade Pandan Kaya
This is one of the signature dish at Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ, my hubby just can’t get enough of this! The mini sized yao zha guai were fresh and crispy, with a taste of sweetness by dipping it to their homemade pandan kaya. This snack is simple yet yummy.
Mango Salad (RM 12)
I like sour food, but I find Nong & Jimmy’s mango salad is not up to par. It ended up became leftover at the end of the dinner.

Grilled Crabs (RM 70 per kg)
One of the signature dish at Nong & Jimmy is their crabs. Using large and fresh hard-shell crabs only, grilled crabs definitely catches everyone’s eyes at the BBQ rack as well as on the plate. However the grilled crabs were a bit overcooked during our visit hence making them dry and rubbery.

Black Pepper Crabs (RM 70 per kg)
We preferred the Black Pepper Crabs from Grilled crabs. It tooks a few steps for Nong & Jimmy to prepare their Black Pepper Crabs, which turns out taste fresh and juicy, yum!

Butter Prawn (RM 44 per 500 grams)
My most favourite dish at Nong & Jimmy was their butter prawn. Big fresh prawns cooked in butter style, they not only smell great but taste wonderful too with the crispy and well-seasoned egg floss.

BBQ Sotong/squid (RM 18)
I’m not a big fans of squid, hence I find the BBQ squid was OK.

BBQ Stingray (RM 20)
Too bad the BBQ stingray was a bit overcooked that night hence made the stingray dry and tasteless.

Tom Yum Kong (Small for RM 15, big for RM 30)
Tom Yum Kong here is really authentic, just like how it tastes in Thailand. It has a good content with prawns, squids etc. A not-to-be missed dish when you are at Nong & Jimmy.
Thai Style Steamed Fish (Sia Kap) RM 40
Another must-try when you are at Nong & Jimmy. The Thai Style Steamed Fish was fresh and juicy, and the sauce making the fish tender and juicy. Give me more of this dish please!

Thai Style Fried Fish (Sia Kap) RM 40
Thai Style Fried Fish is perfect for people who like fried fish. As for us, we still prefer steamed fish than fried fish.

Thai Fried Rice (RM 6 per person)
Nong & Jimmy Thai fried rice is famous among the eaters. It might looks plain and simple, but in fact it is fluffy and tasty. It has a good amount of ingredients too, with fresh prawns and squid. Definitely another must-have when you are at Nong & Jimmy.

Prawn Cake (Small for RM 15, big for RM30)
Prawn Cakes are great for adults and kids. Using only fresh prawns, Nong & Jimmy staff busy prepared the prawn cake hours before their opening. The deep fried prawn cake is crunchy outside and juicy inside. This is the most-loved dish among all of us.
As conclusion, Nong & Jimmy is a good restaurant and great place if you love seafood. Make a date with friends and family by pampering them to delicious seafood BBQ. It opens every Tuesday to Sunday, 6PM to 11PM. Make sure you go there early as they only use freshest ingredients and seafood, hence many seafood would sold out at merely 8pm!
Some additional note for you, Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ has its own parking lot but it is always full during peak hours. Alternatively, you can park at the car wash area beside the restaurant for RM 3 per entry. The restaurant interior is nothing fancy but with simple table, chair and fans, weather might be quite hot and stuffy, hence it is best to wear your comfortable t-shirt and short to enjoy your dinner there.
The perfect drink for BBQ - Coconut!
Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ
Address: 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1, Taman Cahaya, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS: 3.142669, 101.754727
Tel: 018-968 6102


Sherry said...

wow yummy Thai food :D

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Indeed! We can't wait to visit it again :)

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