Food Review: Mumbai Delights @ Plaza Mont Kiara

India is a country that I always wanted to go but hasn’t got a chance to go yet. However, I’m getting myself prepared by trying their very special Street food from Mumbai at Mumbai Delights, Plaza Mont Kiara recently.
Mumbai Delights is a Pure vegetarian joint with an array of selected popular mouth-watering street cuisines from corners of India. It is also a fusion to suit the local and International palate. It is their humble endeavor to be a standalone vegetarian casual dining with beer garden concept and to add the spice they have selective known dishes which are A MUST TRY! Mumbai Delights gives you an unique combinations that you can freak out for. In fact, it is the first of its kind restaurant that serves this kind of food in Malaysia.
Their menu provides huge selections from Breakfast, Buffets, Burgers, Chinese, Fast Food, Indian/Pakistani, Pizza, Sandwiches and Vegetarian. It is a family friendly restaurant where customers could choose air-conditioner indoor seats or outdoor seats to catch some fresh air. 
We have tried several signarute dishes there, and find that their Ingredients used was fresh and unique, hence gives us a special taste of the food.
First, we had Samosa Set (RM7 for 2 pcs). This is an Indian potato filling fried pastry, which is a common snack food in India and Malaysia. Their Samosa was using Potato filling with green chili, fennel seed, coriander, spices; hence gives us a spicy yet exciting taste.

Vada Pav (RM5.50)
Vada Pac is an Indian burger with tamarind (tamarind & jaggery (sugarcane)) & green (coriander, green chili, yogurt) chutney, it is popular in Mumbai as grab & go food. What made it so special was the Chef has put some Chutney powder on bread, potato filling with coriander & green chili. Served with Homemade butter bread, it is one of our favourite from Mumbai Delights.

Thai Curry Dal & Garlic Naan (RM14)
This is a fusion of thai curry + dal (Perfectly Blended with the Cooking Cream-Chef's Recipe) with garlic naan. Taste rich and creamy, I know that this is a dish that my girls would like as how we like it too.

Mustard Green Rice (RM 14, Not in the Menu (but you can Order)) & Malai Koftha Gravy (RM15)
This is a new item that was not in the current Menu. Created using Green rice (new item), which is basmathi rice cooked in mustard, green chili & coriander sauce, lime on top; plus white cashewnut+onion+cream gravy with dryfruit (cashewnut+almond+raisin+cottagecheese dough) dumpling. The Mustard Green Rice and Malai Koftha Gravy not only looks delicious but they are healthy and nutritious too.

Himachali Kumbh (RM18)
Himachali Kumbh is Cheese stuffed mushroom malai tikka. Indeed, Himachali is a province name where it has nice mushroom. Button mushroom cooked in tikka style (tandoor oven) with malai sauce taste juicy and tasty.

Bhurji Pav (RM18)
In Indian, Bhurji means scrambled, cottage cheese, onion, green chili. Bhurji Pav is shredded cottage cheese with pav / lacha paratha. Mumbai Delights uses only their freshly homemade cottage cheese, hence this dish is perfect for cheese lovers.

Parizza Layered Pizza (RM24)
Mumbai Delights serves delicious pizza too. Parizza Layered Pizza uses Capsicum, bbq sauce, cottage cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, laacha paratha(layered flat bread made with whole wheat flour (atta)) as the base. The Chef first cooks the base at tandoor oven, then placed toppings, and cook again in oven.

Chocolate Samosa (RM18)
This is a dessert recommended by Chef Abhi.  It was our first time tasting Chocolate stuff samosa, it is sweet and filled with luxury chocolate taste.

Chili Garlic Sizzler (RM24)
Chili garlic paste sauce, veggies, cutlet, served with rice/noodle/or mixed both.

Mumbai Delights has the freshest ingredients because they also own a supermarket located one floor down at the same building. sells anything and everything, from groceries and basic households and general office, magazines and newspapers, dairy, chocolates and confectionary, health and beauty products, fresh and frozen meals, herbs and spices, household products, juices, and much, much more.

Why not give yourselves a try at Mumbai Delights today to stimulate your taste bud.

Mumbai Delights address:
Block E, 01-04, Jalan Kiara 2, Plaza Mon't Kiara,
Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel No: 03-62062008


Miriam said...

So many interesting food that we tried that night that we don't know how to spell and pronounce!


Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yeah it was a nice experience hehehe

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