Review: CRES Lipo Cavitation Body Treatment

I have put on weight a lot recently due to Ramadhan buffet reviews and Iftar activities since last month. My flabby tummy and flabby thighs are so ugly that I have to wear clothes to cover them every day. 
However, my beach holiday is approaching and I needed a quick remedy to get slim and well-toned. Hence I have given CRES Wellness’ NEWEST Slimming Lipo Cavitation Full Treatment a try last week as it is proven to be effective in losing extra weight and stubborn fat painlessly. Using ultrasound and RF light to break down and emulsify fats cells for measurable slimming results, the non-invasive slimming treatment is recommended for those looking for safe, no-injection-involved and instant results that will amaze you even only after one treatment.
So today I’m sharing with you here with my experience of my 90 minutes CRES Slimming Lipo Cavitation Treatment at CRES The Gardens Shopping mall last week.

Backed by more than a decade’s worth of experience and a deep understanding of the beauty and salon industry, CRES offers personalized and innovative facial, slimming and massage treatments that help the modern, contemporary woman understand, manage and pamper themselves to achieve a high level of well being. The latest revolutionary Slimming Lipo Cavitation Full Treatment allows you to target two body parts (Choose from arms, thighs, stomach or buttock)along with a complimentary Cellulite massage to boost the effectiveness of the treatment.
I was welcomed and offered a glass of tea before my consultation.
Then I was led to my cozy private room, which has a wardrobe to keep my clothes after changing.
The beautician measured my body before starting the treatment.
The treatment uses the Cavitation RF Liposuction Slimming machine, in 3 steps;

Step 1: Cavitation

The latest no pain but instantly effective technology for body shaping treatment. Not only is it highly and visibly effective for weight loss management but it is the ‘must have’ for to get rid of flabby arms, tummy and etc.

Using strong sound waves of 40 KHZ to vibrate the fat cells vigorously, creating expanding air bubbles inside the fat cells that eventually disrupt and blast down the fat cell membrane.
This is further developed into glycerol and free fatty acid that is channeled out via the body lymph drainage system.

I heard some high pitch sound during this step but it was bearable, not annoying.
Step 2: Vacuum Quadripole RF

This technology is most effective in breaking down stubborn cellulite and orange peel structure.

The RF wave will highly stimulate the fat cells to ultra active state and breaks up while emulsifying stubborn cellulite via high pressive vacuum suction.

Step 3: Multipolar RF

The Multipolar RF for body technology further breaks down the fat cell. Down while the causing contraction of collagen molecules. As a result the skin becomes very firm and elastic. Extremely suitable to treat flabby limbs and body wrinkles.

The beautician followed with a cellulite massage before led me to the steam bath. I had a steam bath for 15 minutes which turns my body to sweat.

The last step was to bath. I felt refreshing and energizing after this.
After that, the beautician helped me to measure again. I see some immediate result as my waist and thigh have reduced 2 to 3.5 cm. Not only that, it has also reduced my stretch marks significantly.

CRES’ Slimming Lipo Cavitation Treatment takes 90 minutes per session (20 minutes for each part). I like that this non-invasive treatment has no downtime and I see instant results that improve over the next few days.
I simply can’t wait to go for CRES’ Slimming Lipo Cavitation Treatment again. Good news is, in conjunction with CRES 12th Anniversary, CRES is organizing their 12th Anniversary Event at all CRES Wellness outlets nationwide (Except for Penang outlet) on August 1st-2nd 2015.
All we need to do it to register online at CRES Wellness websitefrom 20th July 2015 to 31st July 2015. An E-Invitation card will be send to your personal email once you have completed the registration.

The CRES 12th Anniversary is FREE FOR ALL with plenty of food, fun and games with lucky draws and door gifts that include product and voucher giveaways. CRES Wellness has also included a special freebie this year for all visitors: Now you can redeem a FREE Lipo Cavitation Part Treatment (ONE  session/redemption  per visitor) with any CRES facial package when you bring along your e-Invitation card on both days of the CRES 12th Anniversary event.
It is definitely not an event that should be missed, so see you guys at the CRES 12th Anniversary Event.

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