Give Back to Your SKIN What TIME Has Taken Away with Mirae Collagen

I have been consuming collagen for years. Numerous scientific studies have reported the beneficial effects of collagen supplementation for a variety of problems including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, skin, nails and hair quality! In fact, it is recommended that everyone who has reached their 25s to consume collagen daily to keep youthful. 

With the mission of ‘Give back to your SKIN what TIME has taken away’, EWL has introduced Mirae Collagen recently. Mirae in Japanese means futures. EWL aims to build the future of young for their consumers.
This is the first time I try a Collagen brand from Thailand. Yes, you read it right, Mirae Collagen is a product of Thailand. Using imported material, which is the tilapia skin from Japan, it is processed by GMP Manufacturer in Thailand.
Mirae Collagen has 90% collagen and 10% Fibre & Vitamin so it is easy to absorbed into human body. And what so special about Mirae Collagen is that the collagen is colorless, odorless, no precipitate and 100% water-soluble. The best part for me is it tastes like melon juice! Now, forget that fishy taste collagen; because Mirae Collagen is so fruity and tasty.
Mirae Collagen is sealed tight before open

Mirae Collagen is an unisex product. It function is to repair the whole body and cell. It also helps for defecation. Depending on your body, you will start seeing effects by continue consuming for 1 week.
Direction to consume:

The first week - 1 day 1 spoon/10g (equivalent to 9000mg)
Following week – 1 day half spoon/5g (equivalent to 4500mg)
It is best to consume at night for better absorption.
A jar of Mirae Collagen is 130g and it could last up to 19 days with continuing using. The plastic jar could be recycled to store cookies or candies too, talking about eco-friendly huh.

Mirae Collagen is FDA Certificate in Thailand, which means it is safe to use.
For more information on Mirae Collagen, please contact Ys at Whatsapp / Call Tel No. +6-010-297 1228

WeChat : yensang18


Henry Lee said...

Rane, you must have had a lot of good health supplement these days. No wonder looks younger and younger! :D

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Aw thank you so much Henry. Hmm am taking very good care of myself and the extra tips to stay young is to have happy vibes everyday :)

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