Pre-Raya Pampering & Buka Puasa with O’slee (featuring Raja Atilia and Daphne Iking)

Hari Raya is coming in a few days, how time flies! On 1st July 2015, I was honourable to be invited to an intimate Ramadan dinner at Carcosa Seri Negara by Hong Kong beauty brand O’slee. Emceed by renowned PR Xavier Mah, among those in attendance were celebrities Raja Atilia and Daphne Iking who mingled and partook in the break fast session with a delightful feast of authentic Malay and Asian dishes.
L to R: Daphne Iking, director of O’slee Malaysia, Aaron Lee, Raja Atilia
L to R: Renowned PR Xavier Mah, Daphne Iking, Raja Atilia

Present at the launch was managing director of O’slee Malaysia, Aaron Lee, who was making his visit to Kuala Lumpur. The event also introduced the Dark Circle Reducing Eye Care Sleeping Mask, Pomegranate Milky Mask and Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner as part of the brand’s Raya skin care series – ensuring that you’ll have beautiful, healthy and glowing skin when visiting family and friends during the festive period.
Prior to their fulfilling meals, Xavier introduced Raja Atilia and Daphne Iking, who took to the stage to share about their skincare regime during the Ramadan month and after. In their session entitled Sleepover Beauty: Sharing is Caring, both on why woman of all ages should have a beauty regime that will aid in fortifying the skin’s elasticity, keeping wrinkles at bay and improving the firmness and texture of the epidermis through a holistic combination of a healthy diet and the suitable beauty and grooming products.
“A beauty regime is important not just during the fasting month because of the industry we’re working in,” explains Daphne Iking. “It goes back to taking care of yourself inside and out. I drink a mixture of asam java and turmeric as my morning ritual. I still exercise during the fasting month and it’s easy to dehydrate. I’m an active yoga practitioner but I pace myself. I’m a firm believer in organic products when it comes to what we consume and apply on our skin. I’m looking forward to heading off to Sabah during the festive period.” 

Raja Atilia also reiterated the need to keep one’s skin moisturised and hydrated during the fasting months. “I teach yoga and it has a calming effect on me and energises me for the day during the fasting month,” she says. “I’ve learnt to let go of things and situations that I have no control over and be happy in life. I’m 41 [years old] this year and I have a very high metabolic rate. So it’s all boils down to understanding your body and having an optimistic and healthy outlook on life. It’s going to be a KL-Raya for me and I’m looking forward to feasting and watching a whole lot of TV and celebrating with my loved ones.
This was then followed by a presentation by Mr Lee called Skin Deep: Love your Face with Aaron Lee. Lee gave a brief introduction on his journey of acquiring the licensing rights to O’slee in Malaysia through sheer audacity and how marching to the beat of his own drum and trusting his instincts has served him well.
“I was working as a cabin crew and had horrible skin,” explains Lee. “A Cathy Pacific steward passed me one of O’slee’s cleansers to try and it helped my predicament. Our climate is hot and humid and we have products that are exclusively made for Malaysia that’s water based – cream or lotion based ones then to make our faces look very oily after a day out in KL. A good facial mask is also important two to three times a week to rejuvenate the skin.”

The Pomegranate Milky Mask, for one, has three times the antioxidant of that green tea. It protects the skin against harmful free radicals, which prevents oxidation and shows the aging process. The Dark Circle Reducing Sleeping Mask is a first eye mask in Malaysia – stimulates the blood circulation and neutralises toxins around the eye areas, thus reducing the appearance of dark eye circles; while the Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner is made from natural clustered water that easily permeate into skins and activates the cell tissue. 

Invited guests were also treated to a care package from O’slee that thrilled everyone who tucked into dinner of ayam dara panggang tairu badam, daging biryani kismis hitam, kambing kuzi daun pudina and other sumptuous dishes before sampling Raya Kuihs and desserts. “We’ve grown from strength-to-strength with O’slee and Guardian pharmacy as partners,” says Lee. “We even have our own lightboxes at their premises and I’m happy with how the brand is growing in Malaysia when we’ve been so accustomed to Japanese and Korean brands in this similar price range. My neighbours are celebrating Hari Raya and I’m looking forward to their delicious Penang style curry that’s most spicy and flavourful.”

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