ZA Men Skin Care Line

The all-new ZA Men skin care line targets to give power and confidence to every Asian men by resolving skin concerns and helping them to be a notch above the others. Men have realized the importance of a suave appearance to step-up in life and are also aware of their skin problems.
ZA men skin care line is a simple step-by-step skin care that targets 3 main concerns of the Asian men - oily, dry and fatigue skin. ZA Men has a prominenet citrus fragrance infused with mild floral or woody fragrance giving a feeling of freshness and strength.
The ZA Men skin care line consists of: 
  1. Ultimate Recharge Deep Cleansing Scrub (100g) - RM 16.90
  2. Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Cleanser (100g) - RM 16.90
  3. Ultimate Moist Deep Cleansing Gel (100g) - RM 16.90
  4. Ultimate Recharge Energizing Gel Moisturizer (50g) - RM 26.90
  5. Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Gel (50g) - RM 26.90
ZA Men skin care line is available this month onwards at selected Watsons store nationwide.


Miera Nadhirah said...

Interesting... but my hubby is not who uses toiletries other then just soap or shower gel and shaving cream... =(

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

same here, hubby only uses soap for all purpose lol

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