Summer Must Have - Senka Mineral UV Essence

Feel fresh while you block intense UV rays with the all-new Senka Mineral UV Essence!
Shiseido Japan has done a survey of 100 people and found out that women are not only afraid of dark spots and freckles, but are also concerned about dehydration, aging and sagging. UV rays are our skin’s worst enemy because UVB causes sunburn while UVA can penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin and accelerates on aging.
Made from 100% Mineral Water, this UV essence by Senka is an anti-aging sunscreen serum that blocks out UV rays and helps to prevent premature aging among the consumers nowadays. Premature aging can be caused by many factors; such as over-exposure to direct or indirect sunlight and the lifestyle among urban individuals.
Senka Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++ protects our skin against harmful UV rays while giving you a feeling of freshness. It also contains Coenzyme Q10 which is a type of moisturizing ingredient that upholds the elasticity of your skin and provides superior protection while repairing your skin. The Mineral UV Essence also promotes firmer skin and gives superior coverage to your skin. This UV Essence is light-weight and contains no mineral oil, fragrance or artificial coloring.
Senka Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++ is the very first anti-aging sunblock that caters to moisturize your skin while keeping it firm and elastic, while preventing the formation of dark spots on skin’s surface.

Uniqueness of Senka Mineral UV Essence;

- Contains Coenzyme Q10 that promotes firmness in skin
- Contains Sodium Hyaluronate to provide skin with sufficient moisture
- Superior protection with SPF50 PA++++ which is able to prevent sunburn and sun tan
- 100% Mount Fuji Mineral Water that gives a light texture to the UV Essence
- Can be used as a makeup base before foundation application
- Can be easily removed with cleansing foam
- Suitable to be used for face and body
My thought on Senka Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++

I started to use sun blocks more than 10 years ago, and I always use SPF 50 or above for protection. However, this is my first sun block with four PA plus. I like it's texture which is thick but not greasy. It gives me the protection againts harmful UV rays for a whole day. What's more? It is super affordable!

Senka Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++ (50g) is available at selected Watson’s outlets nationwide for RM39.90.

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Sherry Go Sharing said...

agree sunblock is a must

Miera Nadhirah said...

I agree it is a must but I am so lazy to use sunblock... huhuhu so usually I use face powder with some UV protection... good sharing...

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