Fall’14 New Black Liners by MAKE UP FOR EVER

A sure way to make your mark, Eyeliner is once again the star of the catwalk, with makeup artists reinventing calligraphic designs that make the eyes the talk of the town! A real fashion statement that can be tailored to your mood and style: retro, sophisticated, glam or rock, a stroke of eyeliner defines the look with its sheer graphic purity. To help women get the look they desire, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces three new Black Liners this Fall’14.
“We drew inspiration from the gestures that makeup artists use, to offer our customers different types of eyeliner with new materials and new application designs to guarantee a great result in one easy stroke.” says Dany.

Three new products, three professional styles of application, three different effects - blacker than ever, these eyeliners print their power on the skin in a stroke. With their stunning precision and hold, Black Liners unleash every possible graphic style, from the subtlest to the boldest look.

High in pigment concentration and carbon black in color, the liners give you a deep, dark black and gives an instant result, rush and intense with the first stroke that won’t fade when it dries on the skin. Wear them impeccably on the eyelids for the best and most beautiful line.

Be it in pencil, brush or felt-tip form - a matte, vinyl or tattoo finish - Black Liners will be a graphic revolution to eye-liner make-up.


For a jet-black outline smoldering with sensuality, this ultra-soft pencil liner is the number one choice. Its creamy and stunningly silky texture melts effortlessly onto the skin and yet, it does not lose its intensity. This is the liner for fans of “black on black”, creating luscious glam rock eyes that make an outrageous statement.


Artist Liner is unlike any other eyeliner pencil. Creamier, silkier and more intense, it gives eyes that high-voltage black effect and is not in the business of precise lines! Its silky texture can be applied as a thick outline or easily smudged for a smoky eye. The modern soft matte finish lasts from morning till night without ever losing its impact.

Directly inspired by make-up artistry, this applicator and bottle duo puts the most graphic desires within reach! Devotees of linear beauty will love the temporary tattoo effect that comes from intense, super-matte strokes on the skin, with perfect wear and hold. This tool allows you to recreate bold backstage eyeliner effects – double liner, arty crazes, lines stretching to infinity. Anything is possible with this Ink Liner!


Ink Liner combines professional precision with easy handling that means anyone can master its use. The flexible tip perfectly renders the lightest stroke, producing different line shapes and thicknesses – faultlessly. The matte black effect is strikingly intense – even when the line is very fine – and its fast-drying formula and 12-hour hold make it THE tattoo effect liner!


An all-in-one, intuitive design to draw an accurate line with just the right thickness, this is the eyeliner for beginners, for girls not yet sure of their stroke but dreaming of those sexy, feminine lines that hug the lashes, extending more or less outward for a vintage look. Naturally the black has to be intense, but it has a vinyl sheen too – totally in sync with the desire for flirty eyes and a dash of drama.


It is infallible! There is no going wrong with a felt tip that is so precise - it delivers just the right amount of product and makes it easy to vary the thickness of the stroke.

Simply glide it along the skin to create a clean, sassy line with a glossy plastic finish. Meet Graphic Liner, the eyeliner every pro turns to when they need a flawless line in a second!

Black Liners techniques
MAKE UP FOR EVER is available at all Sephora stores; MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique, Level 2, Sephora Starhill and MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutique, Gurney Plaza.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Makeupforevermy?ref=br_tf

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Miera Nadhirah said...

Looks supercool.... wish I can get one.. maybe after I finish my eye liners first... huhuhu

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