Review: Its Coll with Hyaluric Acid Collagen Supplement

Collagen supplements are common in recent years for those wishing to stay young and look young. I’ve tried quite a lot of Collagen supplements, and the latest one is Its Coll with Hyaluric Acid Collagen Supplement.
Its Coll with Hyaluric Acid Collagen Supplement has the functions of Firming, whitening, hydrating, and anti-aging.
It is formulated in France and Distributed by Suntory Healthcare Resources.
How to consume?
1 sachet a day preferably before breakfast. Stir well and serve.
For first-time user, it is recommend to consume 1 sachet a day for a consecutive period of 7 days. For maintenance, 1 sachet for every 2 days.
Ingredients: Marine collagen, passion fruit juice powder, citric acid, ascorbic acid, acelora extract, L-glutathione, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Aloe vera, Coenzyme Q10, silk peptide, xanthan gum, Beta-carotene, Maltodextrin and Erytritol.

Note: If you are pregnant or with medical conditions, please consult physician before taking any food supplement product.
Unlike many other Collagen supplement which taste fishy, Its Coll with Hyaluric Acid Collagen taste wonderful. It’s taste like a refreshing fruit juice. 
The result was not bad. My skin is smoother and fairer after just a week. I will continue to use it to boost my collagen.
A box of Its Coll with Hyaluric Acid Collagen contains 15 sachets X 20 grams each. It is selling at RM 168(W.M.), RM 188(E.M) per box.
It is suitable for our Muslim friends too because it is Halal and GMP certified. For more information, go to Suntory Healthcare Resources Facebook Page.


Anonymous said...

Hi dear, thanks for ur sharing. do u still consuming itscoll? How's the results?

Hannah Anderson said...

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