ZA Perfect Solution Range's New Addition - Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum

In October 2013, ZA launched "Perfect Solution" range that focuses on the anti aging needs such as anti-dullness, wrinkles and loss of skin resilience in women of age group betweem 25 to 35 years old. To meet the needs of 'maintaining youthful-looking skin' that women are not longing form, "Perfect Solution" range  further evolved as the line that attracts a wide range of women from 20 years old to their 30s.
ZA introduced a new product to the "Perfect Solution" range in September 2014 - Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum. This serum targets to improve both spots and wrinkles, restoring the beautiful skin by working on the causes of the age spots and wrinkles on the causes of the age spots and wrinkles on the skin surface. It also helps to repair potential spots and wrinkles caused by the 'hidden melanin' that exists in the depths of the skin without pronounced changes in complexion.
ZA Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum is a high-performance whitening beauty essence developed based on the Asian women's skin. It is a whitening and anti-aging essence for a youthful, fair skin that is full of resilience.

Formulated with Retino-White complex(4MSK is a whitening active ingredient + Retinol derivative), this essence improves the skin's resilience and clarity with superb moisturizing effect that leads to beautiful skin.
ZA Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum 30ml is retail at RM 59.90.

ZA "Perfect Solution" Complete range includes products below;
1) Cleansing Foam 100g RM 24.90
2) Toner 150ml RM 26.90
3) Youth Whitening Serum 30ml RM 59.90
4) Moisturizer 125ml RM 39.90
5) Restoring Collagen Cream 40g RM 45.90

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