Artist Shadow, the art of color by MAKE UP FOR EVER

MAKE UP FOR EVER has launched 210 new generation eye shadows – The Artist Shadow recently. Yes, you did not hear me wrong, it’s 210 shades in total. We could now create an infinite amount of gorgeous makeup looks with MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow.
MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow

During the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow launch event last month, Erika Saenz, the regional education manager of MAKE UP FOR EVER in South East Asia has taught us some makeup tips, which I will share with you all later in this post.
Miss Erika Saenz, the regional education manager of MAKE UP FOR EVER in South East Asia 

Let’s start with some introduction of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow shall we?
“This is not just brand evolution, it’s a revolution! We’ve been thinking about it for a long time and spent the last three years working hard on developing a new range of eye shadows. Naturally, making any change to our brand’s iconic product was only possible once we knew we had something better – a lot better. It was a huge challenge when you consider the quality of the original, both in terms of color and formulation, and we’re extremely satisfied with the result. Thanks to a whole new technology**, we’ve developed incredibly subtle colors, astonishing glosses and sheens that are highly versatile, and some out-of-this-world effects – things that were just not possible until now.
MAKE UP FOR EVER is expert in color and we are celebrating profusion and creativity by bringing out an exceptional range of 210* new generation** eye shadows. They’re quite unique and have been formulated with passion and care to suit artists, makeup professionals and everyday women.” Said Dany Sanz, the Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER.
MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist eye shadows are quite unique and have been formulated with passion and care to suit artists, makeup professionals and everyday women.

Dany Sanz crafted ARTIST SHADOW eye shadows like a collection of haute couture colors. An amazingly rich palette of intense shades in 5 effects:

1)      Matte
2)      Satiny
3)      Metallic
4)      Iridescent
5)      Diamond

The range hasbeen entirely renewed in keeping with the brand’s trademark codes: creativity, innovation, rigor, profusion, passion and generosity.
These fine-textured eye shadows glide on smoothly, feel divinely sensorial on the skin and are fine and supple enough to be endlessly blended, enabling a wealth of nuances with one single shade. Easy application, impeccable hold, instant and precise color effect – this new generation* range of eye shadows developed by Dany extends the boundaries of creativity. Each color has been custom-crafted in a delicate alchemy to get the optimal result, a highly skilled undertaking that lasted three years and now enables both stage-makeup professionals and ordinary women – from the most natural-looking to the most flamboyant – to go all out with color.
Fine, supple texture, easy to blend, ultra-pigmented, even color for an intensely luminous result – thanks to a whole new manufacturing technology*, ARTIST SHADOW’s 210** shades are in a class of their own, both in terms of use and results.
The pearly and matte formulas were developed using two different types of state-of -the-art technology.

Pearly formulas (Satiny, Metallic, Iridescent, Diamond)

ARTIST SHADOW pearly shades feature two technical innovations: Water-Blend
Technology and Pigment Atomization.

. Pigment Atomization brings purity, evenness and extremely intense color.
. Water-Blend Technology: powders, pigments and new 3D gel polymers are mixed with water to create a formula that is heavily loaded with pigments (up to 71.5%).
Water is then extracted through evaporation, giving a supple and slightly creamy texture with extremely vivid colors that can be endlessly blended.
. Other Key Ingredients of the Formula: Mother-of-pearl, to add intensity and shine to the color, plus metal oxides and black pigments for all the metallic effects (metal finish).
. Good to Know: The particles of these eye shadows are less volatile which means they don’t fall away during application.

Matte formulas

ARTIST SHADOW offers fine and supple matte formulas that contain no pearlized particles whatsoever and provide an outstandingly even result.

. Pigment micronization ensures color is pure and even.
. Heavy pigment load – up to 88% in the matte black shade – guarantees hold and color intensity.
. Nylon powder makes the formula ultra soft so it’s easy to apply and to layer.
. Zinc oxide and talc ensure optimal hold that stays fast.
Now let me share you some tips on eye makeup by the MAKE UP FOR EVER makeup guru, Erika Saenz.
There are basically 2 techniques. The first one is natural look using upward gradient. Apply the darkest color along the upper lash line, follow by a medium color on the center, and lastly the lightest color on the crease.
The second technique is sideway gradient which is perfect for a night makeup. Imagine your eye is divided into 3 sections: left, right and middle. Apply the lightest shade at the inner corner of your eyes, then the medium color at the middle of eye lid, and the darkest color at the outer corner.
Don’t worry about the blending because we could easily blend the colors evenly and buffed out the color at the joint of the shadow with a MAKE UP FOR EVER blender brush.
The 2 makeup were done within a few minutes, aren’t they gorgeous and fabulous!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist eye shadows is priced at RM 63 each. There are 2 types of casing: the plastic one and metal palette pan which comes in mono, duo, trio, 4, 6, 12 and 24 which price starts from RM 20 and above.
I personally love the metal palette pan a lot, and I bought the 12 pan which cost me RM 30. The quality is good and it doesn’t burn a hole in my wallet.
My FOTD using HD Blush shade 210, Aqua lip 25c, Black Aqua liner 13, Aqua smoky extravagant waterproof mascara, and Artist shadow in shade I-746(Blush) & D-206(Fard A Paupzenes).
On JR’s face, I used HD Blush shade 410, Aqua lip 21c, and Artist shadow in shade I-746(Blush).

The Artist Shadow is available at MUFE Pro Boutique (Sephora Starhill Gallery) and all Sephora stores.
For more information on MAKE UP FOR EVER, please visit:

Official Website :


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