Wonder Food Adventure at 1 Utama With The Butterflies - Part 2

After sapu the 10 restaurants at 1Utama Old Wing, we then proceed to 1Utama New wing LG Highstreet for Lameeya, BBQ Chicken, Vivo American Pizza and Panini, Lava and Food Box.

No. 11 Lammeeya (non-halal)
Lammeeya serves really good lam mee, the gravy soup is really good, not too salty.

I like the herbal soup and ginger milk tea very much, thanks Ashley for introduced the drink to me.

No. 12 BBQ Chicken

It’s not Barbeque, Its BBQ! Best of the Best Quality! Originated from Korea in Sept 1995, BBQ Chicken has grown to become the No.1 franchise brand in Korea. What’s so special about BBQ Chicken?
100% Olive Oil
BBQ Chicken pride themselves on being the first brand in the world to use 100% Olive Oil from Europe for frying, creating a distinguished and healthy taste.
100% Fresh
The use of fresh instead of frozen chicken and fresh raw materials is the way to serve you the best and healthy chicken meal.
BBQ Special Marinating Process
BBQ Chickens are marinated in 30 types of natural spices for 12-15 hours to ensure that the chickens have absorbed the different spices.
BBQ Chicken is me and my husband favorite since its existence and we were so sad when we saw many outlets closing down. But not to worry because BBQ Chicken will be opening more new outlets soon, yay.

No. 13 Vivo
I always pass by Vivo American Pizza & Panini at 1 Utama New Wing but never try it out; this was my first time trying it. Vivo serves really good American style pizza and Molten Chocolate.

Their fresh brew coffee is not bad too, and the price is much more affordable to chain coffee shops.
No. 14 Lava

We have tried the deep fried cinnamon churros at Lava that day, and brought home the left over. My girl likes it a lot because it’s crunchy and sweet.
Oh did I mention Lava sells macaroons and swiss rolls too.
No. 15 Food Box (non-halal)
Food Box serves stir-fried dishes with rice; tong sui and traditional Chinese kuih. The food taste good and it’s also very affordable priced.

At the end of 4PM, my tummy was already so full and increased a few inches. I told myself it’s OK to eat so many foods at one time, as my philosophy is “Eat First, Burn Later” hahaha…
Many thanks to 1Utama for this Wonder Food Adventure in collaboration with The Butterfly Project Malaysia. I’ve tried out many new restaurants that I would never think of to try previously. And the best part is, they all are really good in terms of quality of food, and the environment is nice and air-cond. Now I know where to bring my family to eat when we shop in 1Utama.
There were also some rewards for ONECARD member during the Wonder Food Campaign from 4th Nov to 24th Nov 2013.

For more information about 1Utama, do visit

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