Bag of Love Gives Back

What if a beauty bag can do a little more than just satisfying the desires of beauty addicts? It would be great if it could make a little difference in someone’s life and to create awareness to a cause.

This was the niggling thought that prompted Bag of Love to donate RM1 from each monthly bag subscribed (from August 2013 onwards) to its Bag of Love Fund. At the end of every month, Bag of Love then decide together with its subscribers where the fund will go to – and it can be anything from organisations to individuals.
An update about it will then be posted on Bag of Love’s Facebook page to bring more awareness to the cause and to draw traffic to it.

Since its launch in March 2013, the monthly bags are fully sold out and hence, Bag of Love has come out with a series of special edition bags. The special edition bags are very limited and priced differently. The bags does not constraint itself to just beauty. In one of the special edition bags, it even has branded jeans in it!
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