LANEIGE Malaysia First Boutique & What to Look Forward in January 2014

LANEIGE Malaysia has opened its first boutique at Sunway Pyramid. Measuring approximately 700 sq ft, this boutique features a K-beauty area, which function as a makeover studio that also offers complimentary makeup touch ups, step-by-step makeup video tutorials, a workshop room and a dedicated wall for Homme products. 

You can now grab Laneige Homme for the Boy friend too :)

With a workshop room in its new boutique, Laneige customers can expect more beauty workshops and tutorials to be conducted there. According to Foong Winnie, the Brand Manager of Laneige Malaysia, this outlet will adopt small group format for its workshops to allow personal attention and one-on-one coaching throughout.

LANEIGE Malaysia hopes to offer a new shopping experience for its customers with the opening of this boutique. “Our customers will experience a more personalised service here especially when buying our makeup products. With a makeup studio, we are able to offer comprehensive makeup services,” said Foong. 
Prior to setting up a boutique, Laneige products are only sold at their beauty counters located in departmental stores and recently at Sephora outlets. LANEIGE’s boutique is located on the ground floor (G1.126) of Sunway Pyramid.

I was invited to a workshop conducted at the brand new Boutique recently. I like the boutique as it is spacious and bright. We can try and play around the products freely in the boutique.

I especially like the Artplay waterproof eye liners which are exclusively available at Laneige boutique only. The colors are very intense, and it’s really waterproof. Each eye liners come with 2 colors; one is shimmery and another matte color. This is really useful for us especially when Christmas is approaching and there would be lots of parties for us to attend.
I also like the silk intense lipstick that is available in 7 colors for us to choose from.
The top 4 bestselling colors: Glam Pink | Blonde Coral| Beige Chiffon | Pink Garden
Laneige’s signature products and bestsellers include the Water Sleeping Pack_EX, Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes_EX, Water Bank Essence, and Snow BB Soothing Cushion.

We were introduced the 2014 Laneige products in the Workshop. We were so lucky to be the first few to know what’s coming this Jan 2014 from LANEIGE Malaysia.

Firstly, Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil & Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil developed to address different skincare needs and concerns. 
Cleansing the face will never be the same again with Laneige’s all-new Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil and the Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil. These cleansing oils were developed to address different skincare needs and concerns while at the same time offers multiple features that makes cleansing the face a wonderful experience. 

Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil, 250ml (RM120)
Main functions: Exfoliating and Brightening 

Loaded with Vitamin C from Grapefruit and Apricot Seed Oil, this cleansing oil does more than just cleansing. It also promotes blood circulation, rejuvenates the skin while relieving skin from redness caused by harsh weather conditions and pollutants.

The Grapefruit Extract has a calming and soothing effect as well as antibacterial properties that help relieve irritated skin and reduce bacteria-causing skin troubles. The Grapefruit Extract also controls sebum production for a clearer and shine-free skin.

The Apricot Seed Oil functions as an exfoliating agent to slough off dead skin cells allowing the skin to absorb nutrients from the skincare products that follows and also leaves the skin smooth and moisturised. It is also fortified with Hydrophile and Baby Breath Extract, which makes cleansing fast and easy. It instantly emulsify as soon as it comes in contact with water and effectively cleanses impurities and secretion from deep within the pores.

The Fresh Brightening Oil is lightweight and non-greasy. Rinsing off the cleansing oil is effortless. Skin feels fresh, smooth and soft after cleansing. It is ideal for those without heavy makeup and prefers fast and convenient cleansing without having to double cleanse.

Directions for Use: 

Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil, 250ml (RM120)
Main Functions: Cleanse Deep into Pores, Remove Sebum and Blackheads 

This deep cleansing oil offers deep cleansing that is thorough and it is ideal for those who wear heavy makeup. It melts down makeup, sebum and blackheads and cleanses the skin from impurities effectively and effortlessly.

Active ingredients include Natural Virgin Coconut Oil, which has tiny molecules for easy penetration into the skin, giving it the cleansing power to wash away waterproof and heavy makeup without leaving any residues while Ganghwa Mugwort Extract a natural antibacterial ingredient that is moisturising and refreshing yet cleans deep into pores and removes toxins from within the pores. The Ganghwa Mugwort Extract is also rich with minerals and vitamins such as calcium, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C that enhances the skin’s resistance towards damage caused by free radicals. It is also formulated with 6 types of certified organic herb extracts that function to replenish moisture in the skin and soothe the skin. The 6 herb extracts include Centella, Lavender, Chamomile, Marshmallow, Lemon Verbena and Aloe.

Among the great features of the Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil is the smooth rolling sensation of the oil that makes removing heavy makeup comfortable and effective. The oil is easily washed-off without the residual feeling of greasiness, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.

Directions for Use: 

After cleansing the face, it’s essential for us to prep our skin with Laneige skincare and skin veil base before us painting our face.
‘Raw beauty’ is the makeup trend for 2014; with a supple pink glowing skin and LED lips to give you a natural yet sophisticated look. Colours used on the face are to be of contrast. Lips; bright with almost neon shades of pink, orange and magenta as compared to a more subtle eye colour of brown, beige and coral tones. A simple yet impactful lip makeup is the perfect finishing touch to your look, regardless of the colour. 
To achieve the ‘raw beauty’ makeup trend, Laneige presents its latest makeup collection that includes the Serum Intense Lipstick, Pure Radiant Shadow and Pure Radiant Blush.

Serum Intense Lipstick (RM 70) 

Nicknamed LED Lipstick, the Serum Intense Lipstick has excellent moisturizing power and vivid colours. It contains 35% serum component which makes it extremely glossy. Technology employed into producing this lipstick include:

1.Triple Moisturising Factors

It is enhanced with triple moisturising factors that include the Stabilization formula which improves the ability of glycerin to absorb moisture in the air and supply it to the skin for additional hydration; enhanced fatty acid ingredient which plumps up the lips; and natural botanical squalene that supplies oxygen to the lips and also forms a protective barrier that prevents moisture from evaporating.

2. ShineLED Base & Pigment Downsizing Technology

Pigment particles are crushed into even tinier particles through the Air Crush Z-Mill Grinding process that enables the enhancement of colour with a single application. This results in an extremely moist pure base lipstick that expresses the pigment’s inherent colour on the lips.

3. Soft Sliding Maximization Design

This unique formula maximizes the serum content to offer a cushiony and smooth feel upon application. Known as the Big Cage Formula, this technology uses squalene and skin-like fatty acid. It helps distribute the serum content evenly while maintaining a stable lipstick structure, allowing the lips to get the maximum serum dosage. 
The makeup artist also shared us a great tool, the Leneige lip brush(will be launch next year too) to create gradient lips easily.
Available in 12 shades: Shine Brown, Sparkle Pink, Twinkle Coral, Luminous Red, Flair Magenta, Flash Pink, Pink Lightning, LED Pink, Rose Ray, LED Red, Red Flame and Violet Fever. 
Swatches: Luminous Red | Flair Magenta | Twinkle Coral | Flash Pink

Pure Radiant Shadow (RM 100)

The Pure Radiant Shadow features a trendy mix of metallic and matt pastel colours. Mix and match from multiple 4-colour multi shadows to give your skin the radiant glow. To ensure that the colours are vivid, ultra fine and consistent particles are used in the formulation. Sponge-like Puffy Elastic Powder is also used to enable the shadow to be spread evenly and smoothly, keeping the colours lump free and light.

The 4-colour Pure Radiant Shadow comes in seven variants namely:
1) Urban Beige for a modern daily look (Pearl Ivory, Champaign Pink, Glossy Brown and Dark Brown),
2) Shiny Gold for a glamorous look (Sparkling Gold, Shimmery Beige, Red Brown and Golden Bronze),
3) Pink Holic for a sweet makeup look (White Pink, Sparkling Pink, Coral Peach and Violet)
4) Serene Purple for an elegant makeup look (Pearl Light Pink, Skin Pink, Soft Purple and Cocoa),
5) City Khaki for a semi-smoky look (Shimmering White, Baby Pink, Glam Khaki and Carbon Black)
6) Classy Mood for a deep and sensual look with 4 matte colours (Skin Beige, Sand Beige, Purple Grey and Choco Brown)
7) Miss Twinkle to glow with radiance (Pearl White, Pearl Pink, Pearl Coral and Pearl Khaki).

Each of these Multi-Shadow comes with a tip and brush applicator. 

Pure Radiant Blush (RM 85)
A blusher is undoubtedly one of the most important makeup products that give your complexion vitality and single handedly transform your complexion. The Pure Radiant Blush comes in 4 natural colours that are ideal to keep your skin looking ‘au naturel’ for long hours. The blusher is formulated with fine powder that has a Superior Glow Scattering Effect when applied to the skin. It also functions to even up the skintone and reflect light from different angles to prevent the skin from looking shiny, oily and for a long-lasting makeup. 

Laneige Pure Radiant Blush is available in 4 variants namely, Chi Chi Pink to give your skin a lively-looking complexion on pure white skin, Angel Pink for a purer and more transparent skin tone, Coral Blossom that brings out an elegant and lively complexion and Pink Glow which will make your skin look brighter with a subtle pearly glow.

The 2 Raw Beauty Trend looks on Song Hye-Kyo;

Pink-tinted goddess look that completes the lady-like charm
Serum Intense Lipstick LR05 Flash Pink
Pure Radiant Shadow No. 1 Urban Beige
Pure Radiant Blush No. 5 Glow pink

Apricot-tinted, natural look,like an innocent girl next door
Serum Intense Lipstick YR24 Twinkle Coral
Pure Radiant Shadow No. 2 Shine Gold
Pure Radiant Blush No. 4 Blossom Coral

Before ending this post, I’d like to share a tip with you whom I learned from the workshop - try to draw thicker eyebrow for younger look.
Me and Cat Koh Young Eun, Laneige Global Makeup Trainer from Korea

Look out for Laneige Counters at:

AEON Mid Valley PARKSON Pavilion
AEON Bandar Utama PARKSON Sunway Pyramid
AEON Kinta City, Ipoh PARKSON Sungei Wang
AEON Bandaraya Melaka PARKSON KLCC
AEON Bukit Indah, Johor PARKSON Bandar Utama
AEON Tebrau City, Johor PARKSON Subang Parade
AEON Queensbay Mall, Penang PARKSON Setia City Mall
PARKSON Gurney Plaza, Penang
ISETAN Lot 10 PARKSON Mahkota Parade
ISETAN The Gardens PARKSON The Spring, Kuching
ISETAN KLCC PARKSON One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu
PARKSON Bintang Mall, Miri
Sephora Paragon, Penang PARKSON Ipoh Parade
Sephora Starhill
Sephora KLCC KL Sogo
Sephora Sunway Pyramid LANEIGE Boutique, Sunway Pyramid (G1.126)
For more information on Laneige, visit:
Oh and don't forget to grab the Laneige Holiday Water Bank Set at RM 230 for this Christmas ^ ^


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