The New & Improved ANEW 360° White from AVON

Have you always wished that your skin could be forever fair, just like the palms of your hands? The impossible is now possible with Avon’s New & Improved ANEW 360° White Skincare Range from Avon!

The Phenomena: ANEW 360° White, formulated with the exclusive Melanin Captivation Whitening Technology that penetrates deep into the dermal layer for long lasting whitening. 
The Discovery: A research conducted by one of the top academic institutions in Japan revealed that our palm has a huge amount of Palm Sustaining Protein (PSP), a protein that suppresses melanocyte growth and pigment production thus making palms (and bottom of feet) whiter. 

This unique finding has led AVON to create a breakthrough patent pending whitening technology that boosts PSP, which is the key to having long lasting whitening. The Melanin Captivation Whitening Technology provides a 360° action to your skin:

3 Patented and Exclusive Technologiest suppress the growth of melanin layer by layer:
·         Clintonia Borealis Root extract induces PSP from dermal layer which inhibits melanin production
·         Patented Zinc-Yeast with Vitamin C directly suppresses melanin production by melanocytes
·         Avon’s exclusive PSP peptide interfere with keratinocyte factor signaling to melanocyte

6 Powerful Ingredients address ALL kinds of impurities for a Flawlessly Fair Skin :
·         Zinc Peptamide, TDPA, Phytol, Carrot, Soybean and Kudzu Extract helps resolve yellowness, redness, dullness and other imperfections

0 Issues for Flawlessly Fair Skin is in your control!
Protect by day, enrich by night… it’s around the clock whitening action! The new and improved ANEW 360° WHITE range includes:

·         360° White Illuminating Cleanser 125g – RM32.90 (S&S RM37.85)
·         360° White Illuminating Toner 100ml – RM36.90 (S&S RM42.45)
·         360° White Day Cream SPF20/PA++ 30g – RM63.90 (S&S RM73.50)
·         360° White Night Cream 30g – RM63.90 (S&S RM73.50)
·        360° White Ultra UV Shield SPA 50/PA++ 30g – RM55.90 (S&S RM64.30)
I've been using ANEW 360° White Intensive Serum since October
Unlike many other whitening products that always cause my skin irritation, ANEW 360° White Intensive serum is light, smell good and gentle to my skin.

Get yours by contacting our Avon Dealer or visiting the nearest Avon Beauty Boutique. For more info, please 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or log on to

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