Rane's Secret Recipe – U.S. Potato Curry Chicken

Ever since I becoming a full time blogger back in May this year, I have learnt to cook for my loved ones as home cook is nutritious and healthier choice for the whole family.
As you know that U.S. Potatoes bring a lot of health benefits (More details from my previous blog post), today I am going to share my recipe of U.S. Potato Curry Chicken.
As we Malaysian loves curry a lot, I was thinking why not transform our normal curry chicken into a nutritious version with plenty variety of U.S. Potatoes. So here is the recipe of U.S. Potato Curry Chicken.

o Ingredient List

1 whole chicken
Lots of variety of U.S Potato
Curry Leaves
Curry Paste

o Preparation Methods

1. Cut the U.S Potato into cube sizes and deep fried the U.S Potato.
2. Cut the chicken into pieces.
3. Fry curry paste on low heat in a pot.
4. When there is a fragrant smell, add in onions and garlics.
5. Stir in chicken pieces and cook for 5 - 8 minutes.
6. Stir in U.S Potato until well cooked and gravy thickens.
7. Serve hot with curry leaves.
Tada, a bowl of hot yummy fragrant U.S. Potato curry chicken is served. Best serve with rice, let's try this out and I can assure you the whole family would love it.

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jordan daniel said...

The recipe shared above for the curry chicken is very good and very easy to follow.
I tried the same recipe, I was completely amazed by the result. The dish was so tasty and delicious.
I already tried this recipe within a period of one week.

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