Upin & Ipin #UpinIpinLuarBiasa Carnival @ MAEPS

Calling all Upin & Ipin fans, let's join the Upin & Ipin Carnival which is happening at MAEPS. Theme as #UpinIpinLuarBiasa, this annual carnival that is organised by Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. (LCP) is dedicated for all the extraordinary fans of Upin & Ipin.

Upin & Ipin #UpinIpinLuarBiasa Carnival @ MAEPS

Date: 24th to 26th November 2017
Time: 10am to 10pm
Venue: MAEPS, Serdang

Officiated by YB Dato' Seri Mohammad Nazri bin Abdul Aziz, the Minister of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia, Upin & Ipin Carnival has reach it's 11th year of operation, and a remarkable one as Upin & Ipin have been proudly appointed as Malaysian Tourism Ambassadors. This is a remarkable achievement since they are the first animated characters to be bestowed this recognition by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia.
Upin & Ipin #UpinIpinLuarBiasa Carnival provides an extraordinary experiences to the whole family. We enjoy a wide variety of exciting activities at the two big halls, which are Hall A (Main Hall) and Hall C (Magic Hall).
Expect a series of stage shows featuring characters from LCP's own Ips including a special appearance from Ultraman Ribut from the Upin & Ipin series at the Main Hall. Fans could also meet Aris and Ara from the 3D animated series 'From Zaman Dahulu', the lovely princesses from 'Puteri', and of course, everyone's favourite iconic twins Upin and Ipin. There are also activities for teenages including the 'e-sport' section and exhibitions from their sponsors which are catered for the adults.
Whereas the Magic Hall showcase LCP's achievements in developing intellectual properties such as Upin & Ipin, Pada Zaman Dahulu, Puteri and DaDuDiDo.
My girls and I truly enjoyed every activities at Upin & Ipin #UpinIpinLuarBiasa Carnival. We are looking forward to the launch of Upin & Ipin Theme Park that is build with an investment of around RM 4 billion soon.
For now, Upin & Ipin #UpinIpinLuarBiasa Carnival @ MAEPS is surely a not to be missed carnival for all Upin & Ipin fans. For more information, visit Upin & Ipin's official Facebook Page, Instagram and Website.

To avoid long queues on the event day, visitors could purchase their tickets online at http://www.upinipinstore.com/karnival-upin-ipin-2017/

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