Japanese Food @ Sushi Zento, Sri Petaling

If you ever pass by Sri Petaling business area, you would spotted Sushi Zento, a double storeys beautifully renovated Japanese restaurant. This time, we have checked out their latest items on their new menu with a bunch of good friends.
Let's see what are the newly added items onto their menu;

Aka Kani Nabe RM68.80
This is a must have for crabs' lovers. Indulge in a hot pot of fresh crabs with savoury soup served with a variety of vegetables, it's indeed a good start of our fantastic meal.

Kani Tama Jiru RM18

You can also opt for crabs and eggs hot pot for a richer taste.
Kai Mori Nabe
Loaded with plenty of seafood, beancurd and vegetables, Kai Mori Nabe would surely satisfy your tastebud with its hot and spicy soup.

Kani Guratan RM20.80

Perfect for cheese lovers, the Kani Guratan with melted cheese and mushrooms sitting in crab's shell, and served with plenty of mushrooms, scallop, crab sticks and prawns would definitely hit the spot.

Bacon Cheese Roll RM18.80

Great for cheese and bacon lovers,indulge yourselves in the cheesy yet crispy bacon roll.

Kaisen Okonomiyaki RM12.80

Okonomiyaki, or what some call the Japanese Savory Pancake, is a dish loaded with seafood, seaweed and ginger slice. It taste so fresh and savory.

Ika Sumi Yaki Soba RM26.80

I love soba for it's unique taste. The Ika Sumi Yaki Soba is stir fried with assorted seafood, pork belly, vegetable & squid ink. Something different from our usuall soba noodle bowl.

Spare Rib Ishiyaki Ramen RM28.80

Ramen served with grilled spare rib, half boiled egg, and Japanese fish cake. This dish is one our our favourite as it has a generous ingredients with rich broth.

Kisu Tempura RM25.80

Deep fried Sillago fish is fried perfectly to crispy outside and juicy inside.

Assorted ice cream RM6 (Single scoop)

The made to order ice cream is rich and smooth, we can't have enough of it,

Assorted Drinks

There's a wide a selection of drinks available at Sushi Zento. From Chocolate Orea Ice Blended, Chocolate Strawberry Ice, Ume Cooler, Farenheit, Ribena Longan, Green Tea Latte on the Rocks, Smooth Green Goddess, Smooth Avocado Milk and many more.

For more information on Sushi Zento, log on to their Facebook page.

Sushi Zento Japanese Restaurant Address:
2, Jalan Radin Bagus 8,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-90543888
Business hours : 11.30am - 10.30pm


Aliza Sara said...

mmm this looks delicious! I guess now i know whats for lunch today. hehe

Rafzan Tomomi said...

every food looks delicious here!
I want go here soon :D

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