Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017 at Malaysia

My must buy items when I travel to Taiwan including skin care, masks and makeup items for the good quality and affordable prices of the Taiwan brands. Good news for us, Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017 is happening in Malaysia for us to know more about Taiwan beauty without needed to fly to Taiwan.
Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017

Date: 09.11.2017 to 11.11.2017
Time: 10.00 to 18.00
Venue: KL Convention Centre

Come and try out the 12 well-known beauty brands from Taiwan only at Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017. Participating brands are Arwin, City Color, Gold Nanotech, Kuan Yuan Lian, LSY, Miss Hana, My Beauty Diary, PSK, SH-RD, SOLONE, TSAIO and UNICARE. As a beauty junkie, I visited the Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017 to get the first hand information for you yesterday.
Since the implementation of “Taiwan Beauty Alliance” (TBA) project in year 2016, it has receivedd positive response and this year, TBA leads 12 Taiwanese beauty brand manufacturers to participate in the Taiwan Beauty VIP Event at the “Taiwan Expo 2017” Malaysia.

Let's have a glimpse of each and every brand below;
Arwin Bio-Tech (Taiwan)
The brands include ARWIN and BIOCHEM, which have the mission to “beautify women throughout, from head to toe, and from inside out”. They have series of products from skin, body care to haircare.

More information can be find at www.arwin.com.tw

City Color
TJ Group has introduced City Color brand which offers make-up tools, skincare products and color cosmetics to cosmetic world.

More information, logon to www.tairjiuhgroup.com

Gold Nanotech
GNT focuses on the R&D and manufacture of previous metal material, and utilize PVD technology to produce active and high-purity gold which can be applied on skincare, beauty device, food, beverage and pharmaceutical fields.

Find our more on GNT at www.gnt.com.tw

Kuan Yuan Lian
Famous with their Kuan Yuan Lian Loofah Moist, the natural moisturizing facial toner infused with pure cucumber extract, Kuan Yuan Lian manufactures natural and clean skincare products with the motif of “Nature Insistence, Friendly Brand”.

More informaiton on Kuan Yuan Lian can be find at www.cucumber.com.tw

LSY is a Taiwanese writing brush maker for more than a century, it has launched handmade brushes with the brand of LSY professional cosmetic brushes. Made with only the finest hair, this craft of perfection has been made the top choice makeup tool amont makeup artists and stylists.

For more information on LSY makeup brush, go to www.lsy031.com

Miss Hana and HANAKA
Many of us are not new to Miss Hana as I have been reviewing their products many years back. Miss Hana and HANAKA has now feature complete series of cosmetics to all of us.

More information please go to www.86shop.com.tw

My Beauty Diary
My Beauty Diary is Taiwan's leading facial mask brand, we are very familiar with it as it is established here in Malaysia for many years.

More information on My Beauty Diary, go to www.ppc-life.com.tw


PSK has brought in a series of skin care, color cosmetics, pearl cream and mask this time. Establised by a Malaysian couple in Taiwan (MIT) 43 years ago, Herdsman enterprises determine to show high quality of products that Made in Taiwan (MIT).

For more information, go to Herdsman-cosmetic.com

Shaan Honq develops many products including over 100 halal-certified hair products, from shampoo, conditioners, treatments to hair color, you can find out more on them at www.shaanhonq.com.tw

Solone is a renowned makeup brand in Taiwan, it has been awarded several times by famous and publicy recognized beauty media. You can find everything makeup from the brand.

Go to www.solone.com.tw for more information on Solone.


TSAIO is natural skin care brand that provide wide range of products for everyday use. You can find the full range of skin cares and necessities from the brand.

More information at www.highbelem.com

UNICARE and Lab101

Lab101 is a professional medical skincare brand from Taiwan which commits to create simple, scientific, effective formula in a full randge of products.

More information at unicare.com.tw

Now, why not head to Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017 that is happening in Malaysia to know more about Taiwan beauty yourselves?

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Mahamahu said...

Banyak produk kecantikan dan berguna untuk wanita daripada Taiwan tapi kena pandai cari yang sesuai dengan anda jer..

Bro Framestone said...

This week macam ada banyak je pameran dari Taiwan...

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