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Collagen is the beauty buzzword around the world, also known as the solution to skin aging or the modern day fountain of youth. With consumers always on the lookout for the latest innovations in the formulation of collagen products, Watsons introduces Collagen by Watsons, to treat common skin problems like dryness, dark spots, and wrinkles. This skincare concept, originally developed in Korea, has been dermatologically tested and proven to help boost the skin’s natural collagen levels. It is designed with Tri-Collagen Complex, a unique formulation of three collagen molecules working together, penetrating down to deeper layers of the skin. It purifies and regenerates the skin cells and improves elasticity. 
"At Watsons, we believe the solution to your skin’s beauty is simple. We don’t rely on complicated formulas or exaggerated claims. Collagen by Watsons offers a new generation of skin care that contains an essential ingredient for your skin, which is collagen. Made in Korea, each dermatologically tested formula helps boost the skin’s collagen levels, for simply more beautiful skin. The powerful Tri-Collagen Complex contains three types of collagen that work in synergy to purify, regenerate and plump up the skin, while other unique complexes deliver collagen deep in the skin’s layers for lasting hydration and an intense rejuvenating effect. These benefits are combined to give you healthier skin and a more luminous complexion. Also, with over 177 million products sold in Asia, the brand’s international success speaks for itself.” said Caryn Loh (罗宝霞), General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia. 

The event was officiated by Caryn Loh (罗宝霞), General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia, Danny Hoh (何书光), Customer Director, Watsons Malaysia, Foo Hwei Jiek ( 胡蕙洁), Head of Trading, Watsons Malaysia, together with the support of Watsons Celebrity Friends and attended by members of the media and the blogger community. During the event, the media and bloggers witnessed the Collagen by Watsons demonstration and participated in a fun Q&A session where prizes were won and beauty experts from Watsons held a beauty workshop. 
From 1 to 31 December 2017, Watsons VIP members can take part in the Watsons & Cuckoo Contest, where Watsons VIP members can purchase any Collagen by Watsons range of products and present the Watsons VIP member card at the cash register or upon check out and be one of the top spenders to win amazing products such as the Cuckoo Water Purifier, Cuckoo Air Purifier, Cuckoo Multi Cooker and Collagen by Watsons shopping vouchers worth more than RM20,000. 


The Collagen by Watsons White Regeneration range is formulated with an advanced skin whitening system from Korea that targets pigmentation around the clock. Combined with light diffusing technology, the Penta-Lucent System helps skin appear lighter and more translucent for a healthy natural glow and with 5 powerful active ingredients that prevents melanin formation, blocks melanin from reaching the skin’s surface, illuminates and lightens skin tone, targets pigmentation and reduces melanin.


The Collagen by Watsons Hydro Balance range is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. Its unique Smart Water Channel system actively infuses water deep into skin, while HA 5 locks in water molecules to prevent skin from drying out. Its dual action guarantees long lasting hydration and also rebalances sebum for velvety soft skin and a fresh, glowing complexion


Watsons believes simple is the most beautiful. That’s why they developed Collagen by Watsons, a new generation of skin care that acts on the skin’s layers for a radiant and more youthful complexion. Unlike conventional skin care brands, each range contains the same key ingredient to provide the skin with all the nourishment it needs. Among its many benefits for the skin, collagen purifies, regenerates and boosts the skin’s elasticity, for visibly healthier and more beautiful skin.

Collagen by Watsons is available exclusively at Watsons. Watch the Collagen by Watsons brand video here

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Willie Tucker said...

Amazing I use this collagen by Watsons my skin which is normally dry a scaly looks fully hydrated.

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