Unique Stationary to Personalized Gifts by The Inkredibles

As a writer, I love to write on paper. In fact, everyone who is close to me know that I am still using traditional notebooks to jot down every single details in my life. I have a few diaries that remark every milestones of me from teenage until now. I just like to write it down on paper and read it once in awhile.
Hence, I always love to visit the stationery stores like CzipLee and Typo. Now, I am happy that we have a new choice.
The Inkredibles was launched not long ago, it provides unique and quirky stationary to personalized gifts. The Inkredibles makes sure to produce only the most incredible products for their customers' choosing. The Inkredibles want to instil and remind the nostalgic joys of print with quirky stationery to personalized gifts. Their aim is to Relive the Print by bringing the past back to the future.
I believe that a creative and beautiful design's notebook will enlighten and open up our creativity. Why not have a look at The Inkredibles, they have postcards, greeting cards, notebooks, stickers, and many more unique printings available for the customers.
Let's keep writing on paper and card.
The Inkredibles address:
34C, Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Nearby Atria Shopping Mall)

The Inkredibles Website: https://theinkredibles.com/
The Inkredibles Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theinkrediblesmy/


Dinesh d said...

I was looking for something similar few days back but had to settle for less than gorgeous products like these. Wonder if these ship to India

5 Little Angels said...

My children just ask me to personalise their stationery. Will check this out.

Emily said...

I also like to write on paper. Maybe it is an old habit and as you know, old habits die hard. However, sometimes the notebooks are way too cute for my ugly handwriting.

Absolute Yana said...

I am on the same boat with you Rane...though I may not be as active in jotting down things in notebooks...I particularly love to buy those notebooks which have attractive covers..hahaha

Unknown said...

I am a stationary hoarder. I love those travel postcards from the collection. Will order them from the website. Thanks!! :)

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