Heineken® To Showcase More Behind The Star In New Campaign

The brew that was born in Amsterdam and raised by the world unveils its latest campaign, “There’s More Behind the Star”. The brand new campaign is scheduled to run until the end of August 2017 nationwide as it shares the stories behind this iconic brand and the global stars they are today.      

Heineken® was established in 1873 by Gerard Heineken and today, renowned as the world’s most international premium lager available in 192 countries. The Amsterdam brewery is known for its 28-day brewing process, which creates a rich and golden-yellow brew using only 3 pure, natural ingredients such as malted barley, water, hops and a significant extra - Heineken®'s special A-yeast. 
“Heineken®’s journey of continuous innovation whilst keeping quality at the heart of the brew ensures that our consumers get the same high quality serve any time anywhere. From the ingredients to the way it’s brewed, there are many reasons that make our 5 - point red star so iconic. We are excited to share these stories with consumers in the months to come.” Said Loh Ee Lin, Marketing Manager of Heineken® Malaysia.   

“The signature ingredient was discovered back in the 19th century and ever since it’s been the key to Heineken®’s signature crisp and refreshing taste that has distinguished us from other beers. Thanks to the craftsmanship and expertise of our Master Brewers, you can enjoy the same quality and taste whether you’re in America, France , Japan or right here in Malaysia.” Loh continued.  

Just this time, the only brew enjoyed across 192 countries is offering lucky winners an all expense paid trip to the Home of Heineken® to experience how the World’s No. 1 International Premium Beer is made. Do you want to experience first-hand the brewing journey of the world’s no. 1 international premium beer in its home, Amsterdam?  

All you need to do is enjoy a bucket or five glasses of Heineken® at participating bars nationwide from 1st July 2017 to 31st July 2017, and you might be on your way to Amsterdam! 

Look out for participating outlets & details at www.heineken.com.my

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Blair Villanueva said...

This is cool! If only am a super beer drinker, i would join this competition. But I guess one of my friend is betting for this, hahaha hope he could make it.

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