Children Mandarin Enrichment Class @ The Parenthood

After our kids' fun dance tour at The Parenthood Wellness @ Sunway Pyramid last Saturday, we have joined the trial of Children Mandarin Enrichment Class @ The Parenthood.

We all know that Mandarin is important and valuable language for everyone, so we always wanted our children to learn Mandarin. The Children Mandarin Enrichment Class at The Parenthood is a fun and interactive programmes that is designed for children between 2 year old to 6 year old.
The interactive Mandarin programmes are integrated with drama, games, storytelling, arts & crafts, music & rhythm and writing to motivate competency in the four components of language learning – speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Teacher Julie has a lot of teaching experience in overseas and International schools. We like how she interacted with the children, and reward them when they have answered correctly in the class. She has also introduced some Big book as kids is very much attracted by big visuals, and big wording. Honestly, it is my first time seeing such a big book inside a classroom.
The curriculum is aligned with multiple curricula including Malaysia Chinese MOE syllabus, IB PYP and China HanBan YCT test and constructed on theme-based concept which relates to children’s daily lives and rages from beginner to advance.

Children will be able to apply their knowledge in the real world and build up confidence in communicating in Mandarin, initiate self-reading and develop writing skills.

Children Mandarin Enrichment Class is available on weekday and weekends. For more information, call +6-03-56505122 or visit


Linda said...

Chinese is important but I think it's very hard to remember all the words. Good to start learning when children are young.

Blair Villanueva said...

I believe that every kid in Asia should be though hoe to speak in Mandarin or even Putonghua, because this language is being used majority here in Asia. I do self stufy of Mandarin and its hard, hahaha and i admire kids who could learn easily :)

yanrula said...

Starting early is the key to mastering a language. Especially a difficult one like Mandarin. I'm bookmarking this haha :D

Emyjia said...

No doubt, mandarin become one of the most important element when came to job interview.But sad to tell, nowdays ppl forgotten how important of the language, most of Chinese parent more prefer international school compare to Chinese school. Our next generations less exposure to Chinese language and traditional

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