Organic Holistic Facial Treatment @ Neal’s Yard Remedies

Thanks to a lovely invitation, I had recently tried the Organic Holistic Facial at Neal’s Yard Remedies Bangsar Village 1. Their Organic Holistic Facial is a tailored facial treatment, incorporating consultation, detailed skin analysis to determine skin type, facial diagnosis to indicate signs of inner health and well being issues, and comprehensive aftercare advice.  
Neal’s Yard Remedies @ Bangsar Village 1

The combination of luxurious organic facial treatment and light lymphatic drainage is designed to leave your skin glowing with radiance, giving you a sense of well being that lasts beyond the treatment.
After an initial consultation, the therapist will create a personalised beauty regime using specially selected products, treatments and ingredients to refresh, rejuvenate and promote the skin’s health. 
To finish, the therapist will personalise the treatment further with a combination of effective herbal, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Holistic facial treatment menu is listed below:

1. Rose – Rehydrating for Radiant Skin, 90 minutes, RM242 

Best suited for normal skin, Intensely hydrating, Targets fine dehydration lines, Nourishing, smoothing and plumping, Renews skin’s natural radiant glow.

2. Orange & Soothing Star Flower – Nourishing Boost to Protect Sensitive Skin, 90 minutes, RM242

Best suited for dry and sensitive skin, Targets fine lines caused by dehydration and urban living, Leaves skin looking and feeling intensely moisturized and revitalized.

3. Palmarosa – Purifying and Balancing Skin, 90 minutes, RM242 

Best suited for oily and combination skin, Intensely purifying treatment, Deeply cleanses skin, draws out congesting impurities and absorbs excess sebum, Refines, calms and reduces the appearance of pores, for a mattified, clear complexion. 

4. Frankincense – Rejuvenating, Lifts, Refines and Tones Face & Neck Treatment, 90 minutes, RM263

For anti-ageing, Uses Neal’s Yard Remedies' award-winning treatments to intensely nourish, firm and tone skin, Smooths and reduces appearance of crepey skin and fine lines.
More information of Organic Holistic Facial Treatment @ Neal’s Yard Remedies is available at

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Sunshine Kelly said...

I have not try mine yet, going soon next month.

seri wangi said...

I also like facial n relex

Emily said...

Holistic treatment is a new trend these days. I prefer this over conventional treatment as well, even though it is slightly pricier.

Emi said...

i think i need a facial treatment too. My skin feels a bit harsh & dull nowadays.

Blair Villanueva said...

Thanks for sharing their amazing services. I will consider visiting when I went to Malaysia soon.

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