Sonne Sauna - Far Infrared (FIR) Home & Professional Sauna

We all know that sauna is good for us in many ways since long long time ago. Hence, there's a sauna at almost every club houses, ftiness centers, spa centers, and hotels. I love going to sauna since I was teenager, as I don't sweat much even during exercises and sauna is the best way for me to sweat. However, why go for the traditional sauna which is hot and can overwhelm those who are more sensitive to the heat while we can have Infrared saunas that provides milder temperature but the heat of infrared saunas travels much deeper into the body for better sweat results?
I have tried out the Far Infrared (FIR) Home & Professional Sauna from Sonne Sauna recently. Sonne means sun in German, which is the energy that powers life on earth. Comparing to the traditional sauna, FIR Sonne sauna is much more comfortable and relaxing in term of usage. Most importantly, Sonne sauna brings a lot of benefits to us, read further to find out more.

Benefits of Concentrated Infrared Sauna:

1. Cardiovascular Health
As a complementary to diet and exercise, especially for people who has problems to exercise from chronic heart failure, high blood pressure, knees pain etc. Blood pressure reduction is proven from FIR sauna from the studies by University of Missouri Kansas City in year 2005 showed that a 30 minutes sauna session three times a week can lower the blood pressure. Also, in the study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that sauna has significant improvement in Survival Rate from the sauna bathing among 2315 middle ages men (42 to 60 years old) with a median follow up of 20.7 years, was associated with a.

2. Weight loss
FIR sauna has the capability to penetrate the deep tissues that produces sweat. One 30 minutes infrared sauna can burn up to 600 calories. Such amazing and proven results by just sitting and relaxing in the sauna. With a combination with diet, regular use of Sonne sauna will reduce body weight and reducing waist line especially in obese patients.

3 Detox and Cleanse
FIR sauna works very good in Detox and Cleanse. Detoxifies your body 7 times better than a traditional sauna, composing as much as 20% of toxins and it is a more effective detoxification on heavy metals, urea, lactic acid, etc.
4 Look and Feel Younger
FIR sauna Improves blood circulation, heating of the muscles with infrared heat results in blood flow level increment which is similar to that seen during exercises. With that, one will notice that the fine lines, wrinkles are reduced, and skin feels firmer by the increasing of collagen and elastin content, which made us look and feel younger over the usage of FIR sauna.

5. Reduce Pain
Relieve back pain, neck pain and arthritis pain with the infrared sauna heat.

6. Smooth & Radiant Skin
Skin will be purified and rejuvenated from regular use of sauna as it increases collagen and elastin in deep layer of our skin.

7. Relax and rejuvenate + de-stress
FIR sauna gives us a total relaxation to relax and rejuvenate and brings our stress level down.

8. Dementia/Alzhelmer's Disease
Moderate to high frequency (4 to 7 times a week) was associated with lowered risk of dementia (memory disorders and impaired reasoning) and Alzhelmer's Disease (Progressive mental deterioration).

In fact, these benefits are backed by clinical data based on regular use of FIR sauna and is also recommended by doctors.
When I tried the Sonne sauna, they did a measurement + analysis for me. Guess what, after just a 30 minutes session, my body fat goes down, I felt lighter and relax.
Sonne sauna is available in 2 types/sizes: Corner Unit (1650 x 950 x 800 x 1930mm) that fits up to 4 persons and Standard Unit (1200 x 1250 x 1930mm) which fits up to 2 persons.
I would really love to have one at my home as I can enjoy my me time in it everyday. From reading a book, meditation, listen to my facourite music. I guess it looks really cool to have one at my house as it is so beautifully designed and made with Canadian Red Cedar Wood. Furthermore, my whole family can be benefits from the FIR sauna too.

Some may have worried about the power use on Sonne sauna. I was informed that indeed Sonne sauna needs minimal power to operate, so it's not a worry at all.

With the experient and professionalism of Sonne sauna team, I would not need to worry about the after sales service and support. Just made a call, and they will be at my doorstep for the maintenance of Sonne sauna.
Feel like want to try it out and get one for yourselves and your family? Good news to my readers as you can win a 30 minutes FREE FIR Sonne Sauna session for up to 2 pax that is worth RM 180 each. I am giving away 5 vouchers so head to my Facebook page to join and win ok.
For more information on Sonne sauna, visit their sites below;

Facebook – Success Therapeutic


Jia Shin Lee said...

I have tried the Sonne FIR before it's really good, I actually used this to recover and get back to my pre pregnancy weight after confinement.

Linda said...

I don't really like saunas because it's too hot. Guess it's good to have one at home for those who enjoy it.

Miera Nadhirah said...

How nice it would be to have one of this at home... Can sweat our toxins all out..

CF said...

Wow. Interesting. First time see such a 'mini suana'. I like suana and always find it 'relaxing' after sweating out. :)

yanrula said...

Didn't know sauna has so many benefits. I want to try this out with my mum so bad now!

YingYin said...

Looks interesting, I would love to try it out as well! Especially for detox and weight loss. Might get one at home... hehe

Unknown said...

I haven't been to sauna for a long while. A good reminder that I've to visit one soon.This mini sauna sounds great to have it at home.

Emily said...

Don't I wish to have one at home as well, then I can get a session at my own convenience. Unfortunately, right now, cannot afford it lah.

Unknown said...

This is amazing! I'm excited to try

Jessy Ong said...

Feel wanna bring this sauna to my house so i can enjoy the sauna whenever i want. Haha..

penaberkala said...

I have tried to experience sauna at the gym. It's so good. I think, this one is much better. Thanks for sharing your experience

~ Everest ~ said...

That is so amazing that you can lose fats after one session and that it is even more effective than regular Suana!

Tengkubutang said...

i never tried sauna.. but i really wanna try it.. i dont know when i free to do that.. haha.. can bring a baby to??

Shiv B said...

Awh have tried the sauna experience before and it is great. Certainly would love one in the home- it would be awesome to unwind and relax.

Pk Deshi Viral said...

You really did a great job by posting about the nice information on the Benefits of Using an Infrared Sauna.Thanks.... Read more..

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

I am a 'fan' of the infrared sauna as well. I use it with the combination with exercise and it really helpful in weight loss.

dr-Life said...

Nowadays thing has become so convenient and we can even do SPA at home now... - Racheal

Isabella said...

There are numerous benefits of using infrared sauna, and I came to know about it by reading an article published at I have also consulted health and beauty experts to confirm its advantages, and they have responded affirmatively.

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