Halls XS Honey Lemon Sugar Free Candy

I have a habit to eat candy while driving; it made me stay awake even when stuck in bad traffic. I have discovered Halls XS Sugar Free Candy not long ago. They have launched a new flavor in this April, the Halls XS Honey Lemon Sugar Free Candy.
Halls XS Sugar Free Candy is unique is hard-boiled candy shape, give us intense cooling sensation. The packaging is sleek and pocket-friendly made it easy to carry around.

On top of Halls XS Mentho-Lyptus, Halls XS Watermelon, and Halls XS Lime; Halls XS Honey Lemon Sugar Free Candy gives me instant freshness with sweet Honey Lemon taste which I like.

If you haven’t try this mini in size, mighty in freshness candy, you are encouraged to get the Halls XS candy range from supermarket and mini market near you.

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Ivianat said...

I always like hall's candies. Now they change packaging and have new flavors. Seems interesting.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

good to know of this. long time no eat this shall go buy one soon.

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