Laneige’s ‘Waterful Sharing Campaign’ 2017

Laneige Malaysia’s (Laneige) commitment to provide rural community with access to clean water is being manifested through its continued collaboration with Global Peace Foundation (GPF) to carry out the fourth installation of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, ‘Waterful Sharing Campaign’. In resuming 2016’s efforts, the beneficiaries of Kampung Binjai, Pahang and Kampung Ulu Geruntum, Perak, will receive an additional four (4) water filtration systems each, in addition to the previous installments; to aid the increasing demand for clean water in the village. Inclusive of this year’s chapter of the initiative, a total of 880 residents across FOUR (4) villages including the newly identified Kampung Padang, Pahang as well as Kampung Poh, Perak will benefit from this annual CSR campaign. 
LifeStraw® Community is a high-volume point-of-use water purifier with built-in safe storage that provides safe drinking water for community, educational and institutional settings.

“Presently, both communities in these villages are still deprived of provision to clean water for their daily livelihood, leaving them with the only option of consuming water from river or ponds. This in turn will result in the rise of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and skin related problems. “Additionally, infants, young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people whose immune systems are compromised, may be especially susceptible to illness from some contaminants present in their only source of water, ” explained Dr Teh Su Thye, Chief Executive Officer of GPF. 

The prearranged filtration system that is going to be installed in these villages will be a South Korean manufactured high-volume, point-of-use community water purifier with a built-in safe storage, which provides microbiologically safe drinking water for schools, health facilities, workplaces and community settings. 

This portable filtration system is also chemical free, further preventing the spread of waterborne diseases. The 50-litre tank with a 12L/hour filtration capability will ensure a continuous supply of clean water to the residents. 

This campaign will see Laneige raising RM100,000 through the sale of its ‘Refill Me’ Water Sleeping Mask which now comes in a new Lavender Scent for a limited time. Customers will receive a complimentary ‘Refill Me’ limited edition water bottle along with the purchase, in which RM10 from the sales will be directed towards the Laneige Waterful Sharing Campaign 2017 Fund to aid the installation of the 30 water filtration systems in the respective settlements. 
Ms. Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager of Laneige Malaysia delivering her welcoming address at the Waterful Sharing Campaign CSR media launch at AmorePacific Malaysia office recently.

“There is greater recognition that water, particularly access to clean water, is at the root of some of health issues, and today’s common consensus exists that every individual regardless of their location and social economic well-being, should be privileged of access to clean water. In light of that, Laneige Malaysia, hopes to earn public’s support and awareness in a collective effort to aid these communities through each installation of our annual CSR campaign,” Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager of Laneige Malaysia. 

 ‘Refill Me’ Water Sleeping Mask

The Waterful Sharing Campaign 2017 will be held over a duration of 3 months from 1st May to 31st July 2017. Public can head to Laneige’s Beauty Roadshow across Malaysia from 8th May onwards to purchase the ‘Refill Me’ Water Sleeping Mask and get receive a complimentary ‘Refill Me’ limited edition Water Bottle as well as a sticker to pledge your commitment for this campaign. 
‘Refill Me’ limited edition Water Bottle

More information on Laneige Malaysia’s Waterful Sharing Campaign is available via its website or connect via 


Tengkubutang said...

nice entry..

Arisa Chow said...

aww i have the same bottle from their last year's campaign! Still using it till today and it's in my office now lol

Emily said...

Thank you Laneige for taking proactive actions in giving back to the community. Clean water is often taken for granted but it should be everyone's basic right to have access to it.

Emi said...

The water bottle looks so cute. I wanna have that too. Looks like i have to purchase another Laneige product again.

Miera Nadhirah said...

am loving this campaign... they do so much good.. let's go to the kampung if possible... hehehe

5 Little Angels said...

Something for me to try it out. Hope my skin will improve after using it.

Ivianat said...

Woo Laneige is launching something non cosmetic. Interesting to know!

siti hajar said...

i love their water bottle. wish to get one

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