PICO Genesis™ Treatment – First Revolutionary Laser Skin Treatment in Malaysia

I love laser treatment, as it is one of the fastest way to get rejuvenate and healthy skin. I am glad to find out that an innovative procedure using dual wavelengths and ultra-short laser pulses to improve skin tone and complexion - The new PICO Genesis™ Treatment with enlighten™ by CUTERA which was launched in Malaysia on 12th Apr 2017.
Launch of PICO Genesis

Celebrities Bernie Chan, Amin Hayat and Emily Lim were at Clique® Clinic, Malaysia’s leading medical aesthetics clinic to grace the launch of PICO Genesis™ Treatment last Wednesday.
Celebrities Bernie Chan and Emily Lim at the launch of the new PICO Genesis Treatment at Clique Clinic

CUTERA, one of the World’s leading providers of laser, light and other energy-based medical aesthetic systems for practitioners worldwide presents the PICO Genesis™ which is an innovative technology that uses the enlighten™ picosecond laser system to treat pigmentary skin concerns.

Clique® Clinic has bring in this latest technology to Malaysia together with Skin M.D., a leading distributor of aesthetics equipment, focusing on medical aesthetic lasers and devices in South East Asia. 

During the grand launch of PICO Genesis™ Treatment at Clique® Clinic, Dr. Lim Ting Song, Medical Director of Clique® Clinic said, ‘PICO Genesis™ is a skin revitalization therapy that is gentle and effective for all skin tones and types. It is the first multi-wavelength and picosecond+nanosecond laser platform. The first system is now available in Malaysia, exclusively at Clique® Clinic only.’ He added that the technology works by delivering the widest range of energies at multiple wavelengths with high safety profile, thereby maximizes patient satisfaction with, lesser treatment sessions.
L: Dr. Lim Ting Song, Medical Director of Clique® Clinic
R: Gladys Cheng, founder of Skin M.D.

According to Gladys Cheng, founder of Skin M.D., CUTERA has a recognized history of introducing proven technology and then repurposing it to a benefits doctors and aesthetic practitioners and their patients. She added, recognizing a pigmentary disorder is a leading aesthetic concern among Malaysians. The laser skin toning technology would provide a solution for this condition nationwide.
Celebrities Bernie Chan and Emily Lim sharing their experiences of using the new PICO Genesis treatment with enlighten

With PICO Genesis™, aside from improving the skin tone, the results show skin to be visibly brighter and more youthful. Apart from its ability to treat unwanted tattoos, it is now revolutionizing skin revitalization in effectively treating benign pigmented lesions. Celebrity influencers like Bernie Chan, Amin Hayat and Emily Lim took the stage to share their testimonies on the ‘before and after’ experience and results.

According to Dr. Lim, the PICO Genesis™ treatment has reported a dramatic improvement in treating pigmentary disorders, as well as an overall brilliance to their patients’ complexion in as few as two treatments. Depending on the skin condition and skin type, the treatment takes around 20 minutes from start to finish. According to the model on the live demonstration, the procedure is pain free and requires virtually no downtime. As the treatment uses both picosecond+nanosecond in a multi-application laser platform, it results in a much shorter pulse duration. Its strong, non-thermal, photo mechanical effect works to shatter the target without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissues.
Since its operation in 2012, Clique® Clinic provides safe, fast and effective services through the innovative combination of health, beauty and wellness by using the latest technology in the general health and medical aesthetic industries.

Clique® Clinic
Address: 4, Jalan 19/36, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel No: +60 3-7960 1211
Website: http://www.cliqueclinic.com/


~ Everest ~ said...

That looks and sounds like a great treatment! Now we know why the celebrities have such good skin!

GengQian said...

looks great! will check more about the treatment.

Aqalili Azizan said...

Laser skin treatment is da best! Eventhough it feels weird at first, but the feels is just the same as the normal facial.

Tengkubutang said...

Normally Laser skin treatment is expensive but all women still loves it.. money is not a big problem..

Emily said...

I have read a little about this laser treatment. I am keen to explore it but am afraid of the pain. If really painless and zero down time, I'm game!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Wow another new type of laser treatment. would like to try it too.

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