[Review] Jonlivia Phiro Back Support

One of the problem of being a tall girl, I am hunchback almost all the time in my life (thus far). In fact, we noticed that tall people tend to have hunched back - especially amongst Asians. Poor me, the incorrect posture has caused me suffer from back pain and lower back pain for years.
Before wearing Jonlivia Phiro Back Support

Recently, I received my first product from Jonlivia brand – Phiro back support. It is an unisex product that one could wear for the benefits below;

1. Make you a elegant beauty no matter you are walking or standing 
2. Helps to Correct Poor Posture
3. Helps to Train Your Body to Keep Your Shoulders Back
4. Helps to Correct Scoliosis and other Malformed Spinal Curvatures
5. Helps to Relieve Posture Related Back Pains, Shoulder Pains,and  Headaches
6. Walk like a model and gain confidence as soon as you put the posture corrector on
7. Pulls back the shoulders, straightens neck & aligns spine
After wearing Jonlivia Phiro Back Support

The package came in promptly after I placed the order online, good job Jonlivia. The parcel was quite heavy because the Jonlivia’s Phiro back support is made of good quality fabrics. Not only the fabrics is thick, it is also provide good support without feeling hot wearing it all day.
The Phiro’s design is great for everyday wear as it is adjustable for all-day wear. After wearing the Jonlivia’s Phiro back support, I immediately feel that my back is straighten and I am having the correct posture no matter walking or sitting. It is comfortable to wear and easy to put it on and off.

I am wearing it daily to correct my posture. According to Jonlivia, we need to wear it for 30 minutes a day to train our muscle and prevent slouching. In long term, I believe it will fix my back pain problem too.
Can you spot I was wearing Jonlivia’s Phiro back support under clothing?

The best part? I can even wear Jonlivia’s Phiro back support under clothing, how cool is that.
Jonlivia’s Phiro back support Original price was RM 280, now they are having promotion for only RM 210.

For more information, visit https://www.jonlivia.com.my/


Jia Shin Lee said...

Great product, I think I need this, my posture is really bad.

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

I am using their hot pants now and I can say that their products is worth every pennies. This one looks like a corset, can we wear it inside? haha

Unknown said...

I'm teaching online and this would be really helpful for my posture. Thank you for sharing :)

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