Achieve Instant Smoother Skin with LANEIGE’s Clear-C Peeling Line

Dead skin cells are a cause of many skin problems and can cause the skin to look dull. They are usually treated with peeling products, which are known to help women achieve a softer and smoother skin texture, leaving them with fresher and brighter skin.

In Asia, women tend to have a completely different perception on dead skin cells. They believe that it should be well taken care of and are concerned that scrubbing and peeling will irritate the skin. Taking their concerns into consideration, LANEIGE has expanded on its special care range by developing new formulas and beauty techniques to suit their needs.
The Story behind Clear-C Peeling Line

The new LANEIGE Clear-C Peeling Line was developed by a team that realised that the trends in skin care for Asian women are beginning to change. With peeling products, the trend had shifted from wash-off types used in the bathroom post-cleansing to leave-on types that need not even be wiped off. They also observed a higher need for daily hypoallergenic care in comparison to special care that is used once or twice weekly for definite results.

In line with that, LANEIGE introduces two brand-new additions to the Clear-C Line; Clear-C Peeling Serum and Clear-C Peeling Mask, which meet the high needs of Asian women. The latest products are both hypoallergenic and made with a mild formula that makes it suitable for daily and special care, leaving skin instantly smooth and moist after use.

SiliciumCapturing Technology

The LANEIGE Clear-C Peeling Line contains its exclusive SiliciumCapturing Technology that helps to convey 3 times stronger anti-oxidant effects to the skin than vitamin C. Siliciumion is an anti-oxidant water imitation technology that is the key to long life expectancy on Hunza. It works to stabilize the anti-oxidants contained within super berries, which are some of the key ingredients in the Clear-C Line.

Super Berry Extract

Acerola and acai berry are two super berries that are used as key ingredients in LANEIGE’s Clear-C Peeling Line. Both berries are packed with nutrients and contain high amounts of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. The acerola berry contains 65 times more vitamin C than an orange, while the acai berry holds 33 times more anti-oxidant effect than grapes. Super Berry Extract has 4.35 times stronger anti-oxidant power than that of Vitamin C and is stabilized with LANEIGE’s exclusive siliciumcapturing technology to provide a stronger anti-oxidant effect to the skin.

Lactobacillus Ferment from Plants

Lactobacillus ferment is a plant-based ingredient that is obtained by isolating and purifying special yeast and lactobacillus used in lactic-acid drinks, and then by fermenting beans. It actively comforts, moisturises and soothes the skin, providing relief to skin that gets easily irritated by external factors.

Fruit Acids

The LANEIGE Clear-C Peeling Line contains natural AHA, which are obtained from five plant ingredients –sugar maple, sugar cane, orange, lemon and bilberry. Fruit acids have a low concentration of Alpha HydroxyAcids (AHA), which are made up of very small molecules. They can penetrate into the skin quickly and speed up the natural process of shedding dead skin cells. The ingredients hydrate the skin with excess dead skin cells and softens it, thereby making the skin texture soft and smooth.

The LANEIGE Clear-C Line now contains three products to instantly improve skin texture:

Clear-C Peeling Serum 80ml, RM130

A daily care serum that instantly improves skin texture. The serum provides mild hypoallergenic exfoliation with natural AHA from fruit acids and is effective at smoothening skin texture with the combination of plant enzymes and fruit acids. It also contains yarrow extract that activates the skin’s exfoliating ability to promote clear skin. 

The Subacid Peeling Serum makes the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis) healthy and wash away dead skin cells.

Clear-C Peeling Mask 70ml, RM95

A wash-off peeling mask that leaves a moist finish without drying the skin. It contains strawberry seeds and soft jelly-like konjac, massage the skin to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells after every wash. Instantly get a smooth and well-moisturized skin. 

Clear-C Advanced Effector_EX, 150ml, RM 170

Clear-C Advanced Effector_EXcontains Acerola and Acai Berry that nourishes the skin with 4 times more anti-oxidant than regular Vitamin C and with 3 times more brightening effect. For better results in achieving radiant and brighter skin, it is highly recommended to pair Clear-C Advanced Effector_EXwith the latest additions of the Clear-C Peeling Line; either with the Clear-C Peeling Serum or Clear-C Peeling Mask. This combination promotes clearer and more youthful skin, and is the perfect addition to your skincare regime.

The LANEIGE Clear-C Peeling Line is available at all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques nationwide from this month onwards.

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Mhownai said...

Wow laneige's line of products are really good for your skin. But it's kind of expensive here in the Philippines.

Emily said...

Would love to try this. If only we could peel off the skin on our face like we could after using foot mask... That would be awesome!

Unknown said...

nice piece of information, dead skin cells must be treated properly otherwise skin will look dull.

Jia Shin Lee said...

I only remember Laneige for it's face mask. Will give this range a try when I finish my current skincare.

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

I am using the peeling mask now and I can say that I really love it!

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