Zero Oil All Day with THEFACESHOP Makeup

Living in our hot and humid country, with oily combination skin, I always look awful from noon onwards with oily face. Therefore I spent a lot of time to touch up a few times throughout the day, and I always long for makeup that last whole day to skip the touchup time. However, many brands have not been up to par with oil control makeup and hence when THEFACESHOP launched their Oil Control Water Cushion I know I got to try it out.
First developed in Korea, cushion is a new innovative type of makeup product that contains whole liquid foundation in a hard foundation case by using microfoam. Cushion delivers perfect makeup look from morning to the end. It is such a great product that European brands have been adapting this as well.
What so special about THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion is that it has the LG Patent micro foam™ that keeps the freshness of the first application until the very end. It is a fine foam with high-density cells, which prevents the shifting and caking of Urethane cushion. It even skin pressure for comfortable use. I love the softness of the microfoam, and it is gentle to my skin.
THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion has Sebum control that provides fresh coverage and Clear moisture radiance to pevents makeup from sliding off. It offers fresh touch and light cover, it is also blown away oily and heavy summer makeup.
THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion creates perfect skin but still maintains a fine makeup film minimizing burden to skin multi particle and darkening. It also leaves no sticky sensation with oil control technology that contains moringa tree extract.

How to use THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion?

1.       Use at a step of foundation. Put suitable amount to puff and apply on to the skin.
2. Tap all over the face.
We can also buy the refill pack to refill.

How to place refill?

Push middle part of the case with two fingers. Take apart that comes up from the case, and replace the refill.
I am using THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion V203 Natural Beige. Unlike many other Korean brand, its packaging is sleek and classic which I like and suitable to my style. 
It comes with SPF50+ PA+++ hence I could skip sunblock. Not only that, no concealer nor base is needed as it has a very good coverage to camouflage my dark spots and uneven skin tone. My complexion has brighten up with just a layer of THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion. And most importantly, it solved my problems! I do not need to touch up anymore for the WHOLE DAY! Yes, you heard me, it’s Whole Day! My makeup is intact from 8am morning until 9pm at night. This is a wonderful product for me and I would not need to carry makeup around for touch up now, yay!
This is me at 8am
And me at 9pm. My makeup is still intact, yay!

Made in Korea, THEFACESHOP Oil control water cushion (15g) is retails at RM 88.93 and is  all THEFACESHOP outlets throughout Malaysia.

Oh before ending this post, I would also like to share with you my Make of the day. My look is completed with THEFACESHOP Dual Baked Shadow OR01. The dual baked shadow is pigmented and the colors are just lovely!
THEFACESHOP Freshen Volumizing Mascara. I like this mascara a lot as it will not clump my eyelashes. It is lightweight and hence my curled lashes last for whole day.
THEFACESHOP Soft Cream Blusher. This cute little pump bottle of THEFACESHOP Soft Cream Blusher is nice to use. It is easy to pump out the adequate amount of cream blusher and easy to apply with fingers over the cheeks. The color is so natural and it also gives a glow on my cheeks for that sunshine look.
THEFACESHOP Ink Graffiti Brush pen liner in 01 ink black. I love THEFACESHOP Ink Graffiti Brush pen liner a lot, and I would strongly recommend you to get it too! This ink brush pen liner is really black, and easy to glides on my eyelid and draw the perfect eyeliners.
THEFACESHOP Ink Liquid in CR01 Coral Chu Chu. Lastly, for the lips; I used this product to create a subtle lips. I like its soft brush tip that make it easy to apply the ink liquid evenly on lips.
Tada, my look is completed in minutes. And the best part is it is Fast, easy and last for whole day!
Now, if you are into zero oil makeup like I do, head to THEFACESHOP microsite at where you could get FREE Membership, plus a 10% discount and a FREE pack of refill of THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion. Don't say I don't tell yo ;) 

For more information on THEFACESHOP, please visit


alialisakreatif.blogspot said...

I never tried this product before. By the way, I like the color of the lip gloss

Kolin zainal

Emily said...

I love the promise of zero oil all day long. Hardly any product has achieved that thus far. LOL

Janice Yeap said...

love the flawless effect after applying it.. will check it out soon. :D

Arisa Chow said...

Not bad the lasting power! Does it cause any outbreaks or clogged pores?

Miera Nadhirah said...

It looks nice... I know this is a famous K Beauty store too and one I will be checking out soon...

Isabel said...

I used this but sadly it's a bit light on me. Am I just too dark hahaha

Shiv B said...

Faceshop really delivers pretty promising results Rane dear. Love how flawless it looks on you too. That cushion is really something.

cre8tone said...

Such a lovely product from a great brand. Korea always got the best beauty stuff!

Isaac Tan said...

looking pretty as always. But i did notice you do look a bit tired recently, and it shows on your face.

Isaac Tan said...

get more sleep!

Sunshine Kelly said...

I like this cushion and also their eyeliner. U know I am crazy with eyeliners.

mujagirl92 said...

omg!! this is just irresistible.. cushion ni.. lama dah nak try.. maybe one day.. which do you prefer.. this one or laneige? both produce cushion type of foundation.. huhuu

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