Inaugural Electric Run™ Malaysia 2015 Presented by Shell FuelSave

Last Saturday was a memorable day to me, as I have finished my first night run at the inaugural Electric Run™ Malaysia 2015 presented by Shell FuelSave. It was all neon and bright lights at the Selangor Turf Club when the World’s most popular night time fun run, Electric Run™, lit up Malaysia for the first time ever that night.
Welcome to the Inaugural Electric Run™ Malaysia 2015 Presented by Shell FuelSave
Thanks for the invite, babe :)

The Electric Run™ Malaysia 2015 was organized by the Livescape Groups and presented by my beloved leading fuels retailer, Shell Malaysia under the Shell FuelSave brand – the company’s superior fuel efficiency product. The run saw around 12,000 participants from all walks of life running, walking and dancing across an electrifying 5KM course. Bravo to all the participants (including myself) for brave through running in haze on that windy night.
It was a record-breaking milestone as the Electric Run™ Malaysia 2015 presented by Shell FuelSave entered The Malaysia Book of Records for the tile of ‘Largest Participation in a Neon Run’, awesome!
We were warm up with a fun party before the run started
The run was flagged off by Tuan Haji Azman Ismail, Managing Director of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. And Shell Timur Sd. Bhd.; Au Tong Sing, National Sales Manager of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd.; Ben Mahmud, Head of Retail Marketing of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. And Shell FuelSave Ambassador, Fahrin Ahmad saw the crowd cheering with excitement, as a cannonball of fireworks signaled the start of the run.
I was busy taking pictures with the amazing 'neonlight dancing man' :P
Look at the exicited crowd waiting for the run to be started
A dazzling sea of colourful lights dominated the electric wonderland, as participants both young and old came decked in their most vibrant outfits paying homage the theme. Runners experienced at the first Courseland, Neffmau5 Land where they were taken to an ethereal wonderland of neon trees and sky lanterns. They then ‘weathered the storm’ at Rainforest with glowing umbrellas hanging overhead and soothing sounds of the forest in the background. At Rainbow Road, participants were then greeted with technicolor arches of lights, before they were transported to an aquatic paradise decorated with brightly lit, giant marine life at Under The Sea. Last but not least was Candy Lane, which was a treat for those with a sweet tooth; a wonderland of sweets brought to life with the delightful fragrance of cotton candy, vanilla, popcorn and cinnamon.
Welcome to Shell Deli2go where you can take a break on your long journey

Click the video above to have a glimpse of my favourite spot - The aquatic paradise 

Eventually, participants made their way to the Finish Line Celebration where they partied with some of the biggest names in Malaysia music including acts like Enterprise, Paperplane Pursuit, Kyoto Protocol, Jin Hackman and Dae Kim, and Nest and TRuF. With the run culminating in a exhilarating finish, a spectacular fireworks show ended the night on a high note.
As a means of bringing to life the Shell FuelSave tips in a more relatable way, the Electric Run™ saw a range of live demos located along the track, which showcased the parallels of running and driving. The 5 tips to help you go further efficiently including;
1)      Lighten up to go the distance. The more weight you carry, the more fuel you’ll need to burn to keep going. So keep your running gear as light as possible, and your car boot and back seats clear, stay efficient.
2)      Cover more miles on a full tank. The right kind of fuel can ensure you perform at your best. So keep your body hydrated at all times. And fill your car tanks with Shell FuelSave, to help you go further.

3)      Run smoother with the right kind of energy. A well-oiled machine needs the right kind of energy to last the long run. So fill up energy foods before the big run. And use Shell Helix to keep your car engine running under optimum conditions.
4)      Stay on track with the right kind of pressure. Your safety on the road depends on how you make contact with it. Choosing the right shoes for a run ca give your feet support and keep you safe. In the same way choosing the right tyres and making sure they’re inflated with the right pressure does.

5)      Last the long run by keeping your machine tuned. The engine is the heart of a car. And just like your heart, you need to keep it in shape. You can stay healthy by running regularly. And you can keep your engine running smoothly with regular tune-ups and oil changes.
For more information on the Electric Run™ in KL, log on to or follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @electricrunmy
To learn more about running and driving efficiently with Shell FuelSave, visit


cre8tone said...

This is so cool.. Is it hazy during the night of run?

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thank you. Luckily the haze was not too bad that night, it was windy and I guess haze has gone with the wind. :)

Miera Nadhirah said...

Congratulations for doing it... It was a fun event which unfortunately I was not invited... Huhuhu

5 Little Angels said...

The run looks fun and happening. Too bad that I miss it. I love the colourful lightnings there.

alialisakreatif.blogspot said...

Look super fun! Run, party, lights...
I hope I could join u!

Kolin zainal

Sherry Go Sharing said...

nice run/walk, me and Nannie also go. Didnt catch you, no pic with you.

Pamela Yeoh said...

Looks like it is simply fun .. with the colorful lights

elliecleffairy said...

Wah....such an electrifying run! Glad u had fun there Rane.

Leona Lim said...

such an awesome experience, i haven't been to a run in a long time and really itchy wanna go to one soon

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