Eat, Sleep and Have Fun at Resort World Genting

I had a fantastic long weekend with my family at the end of August 2015. We were blessed to be invited by Resort World Genting to a 2 Days 1 Night trip at the coolest place in Malaysia – Genting Highlands.
The 2D1N was full of activities planned by the PR. However, we missed the first part of ‘Behind The Scenes’ Tour due to arriving late from work. Anyhow, I heard that it was an interactive and fun session from my blogger friends. Imagine that Genting’s technical experts takes you through the management of back stage, lighting and sound control involved during a show or event. This will serve as an eye opener visit to participants who are looking forward to learn something hands-on. Who knows, you might even find your passion in this exciting field.

The ‘Behind The Scenes’ Tour including 4 sessions;

1)      Genting International Showroom - management of back stage, lighting and sound control
2)      Snow World. Public would be able to enjoy the Snow World located in First World Plaza for the feeling of winter.

However, for larger groups of us the itinerary was replaced with First World Hotel’s laundry, which is the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia, spanning over 26,000 sq ft, produces up to 38 tons of linens per day. Experience how to operate the ironer feeder and learn to fold a shirt like a pro!

3)      New See Do Eat Workshop
Give yourself a tasty treat in the new See, Do & Eat Workshop where you can make delicious bento with our chefs and create your doughnut masterpiece with different toppings and fillings!  

4)      Horizon 50
Last but not least, the guided tour takes all participants to the exclusive Horizon 50. Located at Genting International Convention Center, Horizon 50 is the latest edition at Resorts World Genting. We get to know the history of Genting Highlands, and how the founder, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong built up the place from scratch through time spans over 16,000 sq feet. There are video clips displayed on the screens sponsored by Panasonic Malaysia in Horizon 50.
Not only that, it also has a dedicated section for the upcoming 20th Fox Century Theme Park. There, family gets to capture their picture with the 20th Fox Century figures at dedicated time. There was also art activities prepared for the children.  The venue besides being informative also offers an ambience that creates a feel of modern futuristic atmosphere complemented by the surroundings of state-of-the-art technology, portraying the group’s global expansion and interest in technology.
Check out the available ‘Behind The Scenes’ tour dates at

Rate at only RM28 per pax (RM25 for Genting Rewards Member), ‘Behind The Scenes’ tour is a good activities for the whole family.
As the sun started to sink down, it’s time for dinner. At Resorts World Genting, the temperate weather is always perfect for Malaysia’s favorite one-pot comfort food: steamboat dining! We head over to Resort Seafood Restaurant for a yummilicious steamboat dinner at that evening.
The newly-revamped Resort Seafood restaurant is spacious and has a relaxed ambience. It takes the hotpot experience to a new level, far and above the sweaty mood of chowing in the lowlands heat.
We are amazed with the variety of sauces they offered, there are more than 20 different sauces which are freshly prepared, every day. Diners can sample and mix a variety of unique flavors – from smoothly light soya sauce to premium oyster sauce, green chilli sauce to fiery, slow-burning chili oil - that enhance the succulence and taste of their favorite steamboat items.
The ultimate `kick’ in steamboat is the soup stock for dipping and cooking. Resort Seafood offers exciting contrasts – spicy and nourishing – with tom yam and herbal chicken soup flavors in a `yin yang’ style black pot.

Let the good times roll, tossing in delicious morsels into the simmering broth. At Resort Seafood, all ingredients are freshly kitchen-prepared, straight from the market and aquarium, or airflown. Soups are additive-free. We could taste the freshness of the food and we love for its healthiness.
We had also tried their freezy calamansi juice (RM 4 Nett per glass). It is great for people who likes sweet and sour refreshing beverage.
We ended the dinner with an ice cream steamboat. It was my first time seeing such a special ice cream steamboat that served with fresh fruits on top, yum!
Resort Seafood offers set steamboat menus, from RM108 nett to RM638nett (two to eight persons, member/non-member prices vary), and a la carte dining (priced by item).
Steamboat is all about exploring your inner cook and letting friendships grow. There’s no better place to do both, than high in the cool hills, at Resort Seafood.

Resort Seafood (Level 1, Resort Hotel) operates daily for lunch from 12PM to 2.30PM and dinner from 6PM to 10PM. The restaurant seats 256 persons so you don’t need to worry about seats there.

For further enquiries on Resort Seafood, please call 03 6101 1118 or visit
Once the stomach is filled, we headed to Genting International Showroom for their new resident show namely Superstars of Magic 4. It was indeed a great show from seven Magicians from around the World.
Like suggested by this year’s theme, Magic of the East Meets West, the seven illusionists(From Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Canada and America) will demonstrate to their audience a comparative view of what magic is to different people—depending on whether they are from the East or West. They will also highlight how magic has evolved with technology. The audience hence can expect the show to be one breathtaking spectacle.
The show is also hilarious in another way because the main magician aka the emcee; Jay was a funny guy. Jay is a celebrity magician in his own right. He first made his mark as a finalist magician on America’s Got Idol (ACT), wowing America with his sense of comedy and charm. He ultimately climbed his way to the top 10 of America’s Got Talent.
My girls love the entire show, we enjoyed watching it together. We would love to catch the show again soon. Thanks to the all the performers for the entertainment that night, it was indeed a memorable Magic show to our family.
Superstars of Magic 4 Show

Venue: Genting International Showroom
Date: From 10th July to 25th October 2015
Time: 8pm (Monday – Friday), 4pm and 8pm every Saturday and 4pm on every Sunday.
Ticket Price: RM248 (VIP), RM148 (PS1) and RM98 (PS2) for adults; while the show tickets for children are priced at RM98 (VIP), RM68 (PS1) and RM48 (PS2)
For more information on Superstars of Magic 4 Show, please call +603 2718 1118 or visit

As the show ended, we proceeded to check in to the hotel. As there is always something new in this magical place, we were offered to stay at their new Tower namely Tower 2 Annex (Tower 2A) at the First World Hotel. Together with Tower 1 and Tower 2, it makes First World Hotel the biggest hotel in the world with 7351 rooms. Congratulations on this fabulous achievement to Resort World Genting.
First World Tower 2 Annex has undergone about one-and-a-half years of planning and renovations at the cost of RM300 million—and guests can now expect a trendy and chic three-star hotel.

From the moment the guest walks into the hotel, they would be impressed with the contemporary setting in the lobby, complete with 3D television visuals, chill music and a designer’s featured wall.

The First World Tower 2 Annex lobby is impressed with the contemporary setting in the lobby, complete with 3D television visuals, chill music and a designer’s featured wall.
Guests could have a cup or two at the signature Terminal 2 Café which is located in the lobby. It serves freshly baked pastries, soups, snacks and beverage from 7.30am to midnight. Offering complimentary wi-fi and TV programme, it is designed for those who are on the move but also has 48 seats for those wanting to dine in.
The First World Tower 2 Annex has 6 advance and fast speed lifts. Even though we were there on a super peak season, we did not need to wait for a long time for a lift. Thumbs up to this!
Corridor is fully carpeted, clean and bright. It added a positive first impressions for its brightness and spacious lobby and corridor.
We were allocated to XYZ Deluxe Room. Designed to be functional but yet chic, the guest rooms come in lively and vibrant splashes of colour and design. The intention is to create a standard hotel experience: enhanced room interior that is centred on a great bed to ensure a good night’s rest.
Frosted lime green glass walls act as dividers between the toilet, shower and sink, and the wooden floor has a warm sand colour. The rooms come with either two single beds or a double, and an open hanging cupboard provides good storage space.
For refreshments, the usual kettle with tea and coffee-making facilities await on a spacious bench top. We are satisfied with its amenities and toiletries.
Other features that ensure convenience and comfort include a Panasonic flat-screen television with in-house and local channels, telephone, mini fridge and a large laptop-sized in-room safe.
We like the new room which is bright, modern and minimalist. We had a good night with their comfortable bed and pillows, while enjoying natural cold breeze from the windows.
The First World Hotel is within easy walking distance to the various highlights of Resorts World Genting, namely Genting International Convention Centre (GICC), Horizon 50, Arena of Stars and the soon to be opened Sky Avenue Mall. Retail and dining outlets, indoor theme park and Cineplex are all easily accessible. And it is also within walking distance from the outdoor 20th Century Fox World Theme Park that will open in 2016.

For more information on The First World Hotel, please call +603 2718 1118 or visit
We had our Breakfast at First World Café located at 3rd floor of First World Hotel the next day before checking out. Overall, my family had a great vacation on top of the mountain, and we will visit it again for sure in this coming school holiday as it is a great place for the whole family.


Sherry Go Sharing said...

I miss the place so much, First World Hotel is my kids favorite too.

Janice Yeap said...

The magic show is awesome.. I love the performance and the hotel ambience are so pretty!

Betty's Journey said...

Wow. Genting now become so high end in term of design. Their room so comfortable.

5 Little Angels said...

We missed out the ice cream steamboat. It looks delicious. Hope to try it soon.

Jacqueline Khoo said...

What an awesome vacation! Such a long long time I didn't step on Genting already! Hehehe wish one day can try it out ;)

ReiAyunan said...

What a nice family trip! I miss going to Genting. I should go back there soon and try this place out!

Ellise W said...

Looks like they did a great "overhaul". The behind the scenes" must have been such an eye opener. Can't imagine what 38 tons of linens look like !

zzz said...

such a lovely families, glad you and your families enjoyed! Thanks for sharing

Miera Nadhirah said...

Looks like you had such an amazing time there with your family... Wish I could too...

Miera Nadhirah said...

Looks like you had such an amazing time there with your family... Wish I could too...

cindyrina said...

owh! lucky you got to overnight there some more. I just gotten a day trip.

Aliza Sara said...

I'll be going to genting next sunday, but they dont have show on sunday night :( AHHH. But at least i shall consider trying the steamboat :)

Aliza Sara said...

I'll be going to genting next sunday, but they dont have show on sunday night :( AHHH. But at least i shall consider trying the steamboat :)

Emily said...

Wow, it has been way too long since I went to Genting. So many more attractions now. Time to go for a cuti-cuti Malaysia!

Sharon Lee said...

Looks so happy get to go for a short holiday with family! The hotel looks spacious and cleaner love it! The food looks delicious too. Looks like you are having a lots of fun with your loves one <3

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thank you guys for commenting, and yeah you shall visit it one day too. :)

Shiv B said...

Awh what a lovely family trip and you guys look like you had so much fun too :) Will pay a visit when I can, lovely pictures by the way :)

cre8tone said...

I really like the magic show.. ice cream steamboat looks nice..

Isaac Tan said...

I'm up there four times or more per year, mostly with the in laws as they love Genting. Lol. Nice review of the show and new rooms!

仙妮 said...

Thanks for this interesting blog sharing. Long not been to Genting Highlands. Gonna plan a trip soon and will try the steamboat definitely ����Cheers,

仙妮 said...

Gonna plan a trip to Genting Highland soon as many years not been there to enjoy the cool weather. Will definitely enjoy the steamboat place...their seafood look very fresh. Cheers,

Christine said...

I'm actually looking forward to visit the new theme park! And also to earn some extra cash in the casino...

Pooja Kawatra said...

What a beautiful place to enjoy the family time together. Food looks so yummy.

Pamela Yeoh said...

is like a great fun there :)

Leona said...

really compact trip that you can learn so much and see so much in a short time, there's really so much to do in Genting. I'm sure your girls had a most awesome time.

Ivy Kam said...

Nice family outing, your daughters seem to have more fun than you hehe :)

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