Shiseido Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Collection & Full Lash Volume Mascara

In the blink of an eye we have come to the Fall and Winter season in 2015. This season we see a more luxurious makeup trend where perfected skin, lightly flushed cheeks, subtle shading combination and dark lips are in-trend. In favour to clean makeup, lashes are the highlight with layers of mascara being applied to create a doll-like look.
All pics in this post is not edited nor added any filter, the makeup looks simply amazing!
I'm loving my A/W 2015 Makeover by Shiseido, thank you so much! :)
We could create this look by using Shiseido Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Collection and their new Full Lash Volume Mascara.
As we know, Mascara is the magic for the eyes — a kind of magic more women are practicing every day. All over the world, the market for mascara is growing rapidly, and uniquely formulated mascaras withspecialized brushes are setting trends.
A modern, global woman is looking for the kind of mascara magic that conjures her inner confidence every day, and brings it out through lush lashes, and truly alluring eyes. These are the kind of lush lashes that give a woman full confidence in her appearance. 

Now, Shiseido’s Layerable Volume Formula and Full Expansion Brush combine to do just that, in the Full Lash Volume Mascara — bringing women the lashes they imagine for themselves, effortlessly.
Left eye: Withour Mascara 
Right eye: With Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara
Deep black, naturally resilient, separated fullest lashes

Full Lash Volume Mascara creates full volume with natural resilience while making eyelashes irresistibly touchable. Day-long beautiful look that can easily be removed with just warm water.

Available in 2 shades: Black BK901; Brown BR602

Lash serum based on true understanding of how lashes grow. Shiseido Research Center has been specifically and intensively studying lashes. Through this research, it was discovered that length of eyelashes is dependent on their growth rate. This led Shiseido to pursue more research, to find the cosmetic ingredient that supports beautiful lashes.

Shiseido’s new Full Lash Serum is formulated with Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract and Arginine, to deliver precision results. Also appropriate for eyebrows, the new lash serum supports modern global women in maintaining a youthful looking, well-defined eye area.

Full Lash Serum Makes lashes look longer, denser, fuller, and more beautiful. It could be used on the eye lashes and eyebrow.

For lashes
(1) Apply to lash roots, morning and night after skincare.
(2) Apply over the entire lashes.

For brows
(1) Apply to eyebrow roots, morning and night after skincare.

For Autumn and Winter 2015, Shiseido also introduces new shades to their existing makeup collection;
Perfect Rouge - Rich color. Silky radiance. Incredible fullness. As it smoothes your lips and infuses them with moisture, new Perfect Rouge fulfills your entire lipstick wish list.
The 4 new shades are;

Cocoa Rose PK354
“Cocoa rose is a warm brown-toned beige, elegant and easy to wear.”

Spellbound RD555
“Spellbound is a deep brownish red. It’s a romantic, glamorous and mysterious shade.”

Empress RS656
“Empress is a grand and dramatic plum colour, deep and complex.”

Black Walnut BR757
“Black Walnut is a luscious rich, deep brown. It’s a good neutral shade, versatile and flattering.”

Veiled Rouge - Mellow, delicate color and sheen. Transfer resistant technology wraps lips in color and shine, for a beautiful finish that lasts and lasts.

They have also launched 4 new shades of Veiled Rouge this season;
Honeydew OR313
“Honeydew is a light, moist translucent pale orange shade, sheer and sweet.”

Caprice PK314
“Caprice is a lively, fresh coral pink. A fun, bright shade to enhance any makeup.”

Enchantment RD315
“Enchantment is a fine soft red shot through with delicate golden pearls. A subtle, wearable red shade.”

Zinnia RD316
“Zinnia is sharp pinkish red rendered discreet and chic by it’s lightness and transparency.”

Shimmering Cream Eye Color - Dewy-textured cream eye color that accents your eyes with shimmering light, making them sparkle with life. Vivid color and radiant shine last all day without creasing or fading.
The 5 new shades of Shimmering Cream Eye Color are;

Clay BE728
“Clay is a surprisingly delicate warm grey. A wash or chic monochrome definition for the eyes.”

Ochre BR329
“Ochre is a rich yellowish brown, adding depth and definition on cool skin tones and harmonious shading on warmer skins.”

Garnet VI730
“Garnet is a cool brownish violet that harmonises with the skin to create a wearable jewel-toned effect around the eyes.”

Kitsune BR731
“Kitsune evokes the luxurious reddish brown shades of a fox’s coat. Lush and deep.”

Binchotan GR732
“Binchotan provides deep greyish definition with a hazy green aspect. A new kind of smoke for creating smoky eyes.”

Thank you Jimmy for the lovely makeover!

Shiseido Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Collection is already available from August 2015 onwards at all Shiseido counters nationwide. It is definitely a wise makeup investment for this season.

For more information on Shiseido, go to;
Webpage -

Instagram - @shiseidomalaysia


5 Little Angels said...

You looks great with the make-up. Getting prettier now.

Trislynn Chan said...

I wish I can try out their lipstick lerh!!
So many colours!!
Btw, you look great in the picha! =)

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow this is new, gonna check it soon. Love your makeover, so pretty!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

not enough makeup, gonna find out which outlet I wanna go. Love the lipsticks.

Miera Nadhirah said...

I like Shiseido makeup... would love to try this out if possible....

Pamela Yeoh said...

You looks awesome with the make ups . Nice one indeed

Pamela Yeoh said...

you looks awesome with the mackyos.

cre8tone said...

Lovely nice nice makeover you got there!

Leona Lim said...

The makeup artist is really good coupled with great product coz your makeup is just so beautiful

elliecleffairy said...

Woootsss.. lenglui. U looks so pretty there.

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