Facial Review: CRES Wellness Reversal 24 Therapy at The Gardens

To be honest, I do love getting facials, so that is why I make it a point to get a facial appointment at least once a month ever since I entered my 20’s. I have done tremendous facials from then, and at many different beauty salons. So you can say that I am actually no stranger to the beauty industry J One beauty salon that has never disappointed me is CRES Wellness. They always have new facials to cater to the needs of the contemporary woman and I was excited to receive an invitation to review their newly launched facial treatment – Reversal 24 Therapy last week at CRES Wellness The Gardens.
Loving my ambience private room at CRES Wellness

According to CRES Wellness, their latest Reversal 24 Therapy promises to restore skin elasticity, reduce lines & smoothen wrinkles; increase firmness! The Reversal 24 Therapy is specially formulated for those facing aging skin, sagging problems, fine lines and dull-looking skin problems by providing touchable and visible results within a month of usage! I’ve been looking for a way to reduce my laugh lines which have deepened over the years and am starting to see the first worrying signs of the appearance of the dreaded crow’s feet wrinkles. Please help me CRES Wellness I am begging you!!

Before we proceed to the treatment, the three steps of their Reversal 24 Therapy consist of the following;
1) Precision Lift & Firm Concentrate which is proven to further enhance the synthesis of collagen for increased skin elasticity & improved firmness.

2) Precision Lift & Firm Serum, the revolutionary lift-up essential in every anti-aging skincare routine that protects and revitalizes dermal cells and diminishes pre-mature wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. 

3) Precision Lineless Essence Masque that is incorporated with a unique anti-wrinkle Botox alternative to smoothen and reverse the appearance and formation of expression lines and wrinkles. So start your first line of defense against the battle of time and be the last woman standing!
I like the Reversal 24 Therapy a lot. The beautician is highly skilled to pamper me like a queen throughout the facial. She cleanses my face twice, did the face steamer and extractions, put on masque for 4 times on my face. The masque including deep cleansing mask, soothing mask, collagen mask and moisturising mask. While waiting for masking time, she massaged my head, shoulder and neck with soothing massage oil.

The result after the 2 hours facial treatment? Simply marvelous! My skin is noticeably brighter, smoother, firmer and pores are smaller too!
Now, the best part is you could enkoy Reversal 24 Therapy at First Trial RM118 price by just filling in your details in the form at http://giveaway.creswellness.com/rt/. The redemption is valid from now until Oct 18, 2015.
Note: CRES Reversal 24 Therapy is not suitable for those with oily/acne skin type.
CRES WellnessThe Gardens is located at The Gardens Shopping Mall, FF-225, 4th Floor.
Phone No: 03-2287 6369

For more information on CRES Wellness, go to their Website at www.creswellness.com and follow them at Instagram on http://instagram.com/creswellness

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