Review: Soda Spa Foam From Daisuke Salon

Carbonate Hot Spring is a type of spring containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas which has been utilized in medical since olden times in some European countries. In recent years, its outstanding effect attracts attention in Japan, and it has been utilized in not only medical care but health and beauty too.
Soda Spa Foam is a fine, rich foam created from Carbon Dioxide. It became a boom in Japan and in Asian countries because it helps to lowering blood pressure, improvement of blood flow, about 3 times as much moisturizing effect as usual water, deodorization action, relaxation effect, anti-aging effect, as well as elimination of alkali.
It has a rich whipped foam texture, and comes with unique fragrant. It can be used on face, hair and body. It is easy to use, just press out the desire amount, and apply it gently and slowly on desire area. Leave it in for around 5 minutes and then rinse off. I like its cooling effect after rinse off, and it has produced really good deep cleansing result which improves the absorption of my next skin care/hair care or body care.

Result: Clean, brighter and soft skin!

Soda Spa Foam is made in Japan, it is retail at RM 100 for 150 ml.
You could get it from Daisuke salon.
Unit No. 25-01, Ground Floor, Block C, Dataran 32,
No. 2, Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-79600140

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