Review: O'slee Pro Eye Medi- Intensive Eye Serum

Eyes are the windows to the heart, don’t you agree? Today I’m going to share my recent found on how to achieve youthful and attractive eyes. 
The first product is the O'slee Pro Eye Medi- Intensive Eye Serum. In case you don’t know yet, O'slee is a Hong Kong based skincare brand that believes in "NATURE". It is the principle behind every of their skincare product and so every woman can experience the natural skincare benefits. Applying the latest technology, further enhance the efficacy and stability of their skincare products.
Combining with this concept of Advanced Technology and NatureO'slee is devoted to let every women manifest her smart, natural beauty. 
O'slee Pro Eye Medi- Intensive Eye Serum has 5 Intensive Repair Systems for eyes area to;
  1. Reduces Fine Lines
  2. Erases Dark Circles
  3. Minimizes Eye Bags
  4. Anti-aging
  5. Moisturising
It contains unique ingredients below;

Matrixyl™to Reduce Fine Lines
Boosts collagen reproduction and rapair, restoring skin elasticity and minimises the appearance of fine lines and eye bags.

Eyeseryl® to Erase Dark Circles
Stimulates micro-circulation around the eye area, promoting blood circulation and helps to even out the dark-purple melanin and reduce dark circles.

Cafeisilane C to Minimize Under Eye Bags
Promotes blood circulation and the improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. It also minimizes eye bags caused by edema and fatty tissue. 

Tinocare for Anti Aging
Active Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) strengthens skin resistance to harmful effects of UV rays, effectively decelerating skin aging problems including like fine lines and losing elasticity.

Hydravance for Moisturizing
Boosts moisture around eye area and enhances hydro-retention.
How to Use:
Apply around eye areas and using fingertips to massage from inner to outer eye areas until it's absorbed Every day and night. 
My thoughts – Eye products is one of the essential in my daily skin care routine. I like that O'slee Pro Eye Medi- Intensive Eye Serum comes in a pump bottle which means it’s convenient and easy to pump out the amount that I need. This transparent gel type serum is easy to absorb with light massage. My eye areas feel fresh and moisturized after applying this serum.

O'slee Pro Eye Medi- Intensive Eye Serum 15ml is retail at RM79.90. It is available at Guardian Malaysia Nationwide and online purchase at

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