Review: CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment at Daisuke Salon

Do you always go to salon for moisturizing treatment or keratin treatment for your hair? Well, hair is just like skin, if our scalp is not clean enough, all the products will be gone wasted because it is not fully absorb into our hair. Hence, it is important to have clean scalp and hair to keep that crowning glory moisturized and beautiful.
I was introduced to CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment at Daisuke Salon 2 weeks ago. It is a revolutionary new hair and scalp care treatment imported from Japan. It is used together with TANSAN Magic range of beauty products that combine natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology. Honestly, sorry to be so outdated but this is my first time hearing and trying CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment. In fact, CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment is a popular trend in Japan, almost 80% of hair salon in Japan provide this services because it is not only reduce scalp itchiness caused by chemical residue from hair dye and perm treatments, it is also optimizes the results of hair colouring and perming to get softer, more lustrous and voluminous hair.
My Hair was so dry, frizzy and coarse before the treatment
After: Soft, smooth & supple hair!

Allow our scalp to be cleansed and healed naturally from within after only a few sessions of application with TANSAN Bubble Spa which utilizes Carbon Dioxide(CO2) as the main fundamental ingredient to deep cleanse. Similar to the traditional Japanese ‘onsen’ (hot springs), the CO2 in TANSAN Buddle Spa will enhance the blood flow to our scalp, leaving it feel refreshed with more luscious, radiant-looking hair.
My CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment experience started with hair washing by putting CO2 gas into my scalp using a special air gun. It washes off my hair residue such as hair dust and sebum from my scalp. Then my hair is ready for the special Soda Spa Foam. They applied it only my scalp and leave on for about 10 minutes, wash off then it’s done.
My hair is noticeably improved in softness, suppleness, volume and lustre after just one try of CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment at Daisuke Salon. I’m loving the effect and am already looking forward to my next visit for it.

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