Quintessentially French Perfume - Lancôme La Nuit Trésor

Lancôme Malaysia launched their latest perfume - La Nuit Trésor with gorgeous Neelofa and her fans in a small exclusive meeting not long ago. The lucky fans not only got to meet and great Neelofa but they also stand a chance to win an exclusive Lancôme beauty box which worth a thousands ringgits.

Congratulations to the lucky fan!
Back to Lancôme La Nuit Trésor, It is born out of a fascinating enigma. An infinitely poetic tale of two stars irresistibly attracted towards each other to the point of collision. This rare phenomenon, occurring just once every 100 years, is said to create a shower of particles that regroup on contact with the atmosphere to gradually create a substance known as black diamond. Rare and intense, magnetically coloured, this incomparably beautiful gem of pure mystery is born out of a stellar thunder clap. It’s no wonder it is so deeply desired and intensely inspiring for the world of jewellery. Endowed with a mystic aura, it is even said to contain substances found nowhere else. Admired for millennia, today, this legend inspires the most captivating of fragrances.
The face of Lancôme La Nuit Trésor - Penélope Cruz
A man and a woman. Two stars of perfumery united by Lancôme. Christophe Raynaud, the master perfume-maker who loves to enhance the complexity of floral notes by challenging them with modern elements. And Amandine Marie, a fragrance designer who won her reputation by revisiting the most famed of flowers – the rose – with extraordinary verve and who excels at enhancing the most sublime facets of raw materials in order to reinvent them. Utterly complementary, these two stars’ talents were destined to collide. Together, they are able to transcend the olfactory wealth of each and every noble raw material with unrivalled skill. The duo have transformed the symbol of Lancôme into a mysterious black rose, cut like a raw diamond set in a case of wild vanilla orchid, with all of its mouth-watering and leather-tinged sensuality. “A distinguished black rose swathed in an enigmatic halo, illuminating all the enchantment of night,” explains Amandine Marie. “Dressed in mystery and potency, constructed petal by petal,” reveals Christophe Raynaud. In unison, they have written the most addictive of olfactory love stories.

Neelofa and Lancôme Malaysia Team

Like all great love stories, La Nuit Trésor tells the tale of an unexpected meeting. That of two noble flowers: the rose and the Vanilla Tahitensis Orchid. So different, and yet so harmoniously blended within this new signature, they emerge as if made for each other. The two flowers unite in an instantly recognisable fragrance with remarkable diffusion and hold.
This unprecedented encounter offers La Nuit Trésor an expression of sensuality, mystery and passion. Ode to a flower, a captivating Black Rose Forever the symbol of Lancôme and that of every Trésor for the past 25 years, this rose is given a finely sculpted black twist, creating the essence of ultra-femininity and embodying absolute love through the sheer grace of its distinguished yet ultra-contemporary chypre flourish. Damask Rose essence is electrified by the quintessence of rose – rose oxide – its beating heart offering a vibrant vertical dimension, which is then freshened by a deliciously luminous and zesty lychee accord. Just as its effusive edges are enhanced, its smooth and languid facets are also perfected. The composition thus travels through mystical swirls of natural incense, transcended by the enigmatic depth of patchouli, caressed by benzoin resins and finally inflamed with papyrus, accentuating all of its smoky animal inflexions. 
The dizzying delights of sunny, irresistibly sensual vanilla Vanilla Tahitensis Orchid, dubbed the black gold of perfumery by masters of the art, is as sensual as sun-warmed skin. Rare and bewitching, it expresses the enigmatic, almost erotic realm of the night. Its insolently addictive potency is further amplified by irresistible praline, at an unprecedented dose in perfumery.
Created in the purest spirit of contemporary fine jewellery, an exceptional bottle, crafted by Lancôme. Finely cut with an admirably symmetrical glass weight, its original form is inspired by 1952’s original Trésor, a raw diamond chiselled into 75 facets. Like a radiant, scintillating gemstone, its transparency reveals all the seduction of a delicately pink-tinged fragrance. Its crowning adornment is a black satin rose tied around its neck, further enhancing the absolute seductiveness of this treasure of femininity. Sublimely presented, the fragrance simply radiates with pure desire. Quintessentially French elegance shows through the bottle’s every detail.
La Nuit Tresor comes in 50ml – RM318 and 75ml – RM415, available at all Lancôme counters nationwide.

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