Review: CRES Wellness Time Release AquaCell Yoga Visage Facial

I visited CRES Wellness Metro Prima for my monthly facial again few weeks ago. I had chosen Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage facial this time because my skin was dry and dehydrated after working overtime every day for the past few months.
According to CRES, Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage facial is a high-performance treatment that reinforces skin architecture to provide a complete and thorough solution for skin hydration. Skin is highly moisturized and last for days after this facial. It uses Yoga lymphatic drainage that stimulates the effective absorption of the rich moisture infused. The osmotic regulating features and reinforced hydrolipidic layer provide a time-release mechanism for continuous moisturizing that last for days.

The unique method it uses was Yeast ferment mixture containing various metabolic stimulating substances, which are produced by stressing live yeast cells with ultra-violet light during their growing cycles and it will produce a water-soluble cell substance called Biodynes®. Yeast has been used in baking and fermenting alcoholic beverages for thousands of years. It is also extremely important as a model organism in modern cell biology research, and is one of the most thoroughly researched microorganisms.

In recent years through ultra-violet exposure, yeast has now been found to be an excellent source of nutrients such as peptides, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Biodynes, a cosmetic grade of live yeast cell derivatives, provides calming, smoothing, soothing, and moisturizing properties.

It promotes cell renewal and skin radiance through increased metabolic activity in the growing skin layers providing more rapid de-pigmentation to reduce discoloration and brighten skin.
My result after the 2 hours Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage facial? Smooth Glowing and lifted skin instantly. My wrinkles are also less obvious with the facial. I especially love the face and shoulder massage as the beautician uses a different pressure massage technique that is really relaxing and soothing. It replenishes essential moisture to my skin and manages skin hydrous balance for a week plus. I would recommend this facial to those who have dry, wrinkles and uneven skin tone concerns.

Give it a try at CRES wellness salon near you. They are located at Sunway, USJ, Metro Prima Kepong, Bukit Tinggi Klang, Jusco Cheras Selatan, The Gardens, Jusco Bandaraya Melaka, Jusco Seremban II, and Jusco Tebrau City.

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